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To find people using, start with the home page.

  1. Search by name & location or just name
  2. Review & refine your results
  3. See all the details on that person

1 Enter Your Search

Name Search

If you do not know the person's full name, try searching by first initial, middle initial, partial first name or partial surname.

Location Search

We recommend you start with as broad a Location as possible, such as town or county. You can also search by whole postcode, start of the postcode or suburb.

No Location Search

If you don't know the Location of the person that you're looking for, you can search our premium records without specifying a Location. Directory Enquiry listings are free on the site, but you will need to specify a location to search these files. If you choose not to enter a Location, try reducing your list of results by refining your search by Likely Age or Other Household Occupants.

Using the search form

2 Review & Refine Your Results

Free Directory Enquiry Listings

15 million Directory Enquiry listings are available for free on We will also give you additional free data including property prices.

Premium People Finding Listings

If you scroll down the page you are likely to see a longer list of results with more detail on each result. This is because for these results, we have searched our premium database which includes 750 million Electoral Roll records plus 4 million Director Reports.

To find the person you're looking for, review the name of people they live with (spouse, children) or their likely age (40-44). The Refine Search function on the left of your results will allow you to filter results by likely age. The Advanced Search function will allow you to refine your search by other household occupants.

Search Results Highlighted on the Map presents your results on our award-winning maps to make finding the person you're looking for even easier. Seeing a person's location on a map may give you a better idea of whether it's the individual that you're looking for. More info on using maps.

Browse your Search Results's Refine Search menu helps you find who you're looking for faster. Browse your results by:

  • Likely age
  • Alternative spellings of forename
  • Alternative spelling of surnames
  • Location (nationwide, country, town, postcode)
  • Data sources (e.g. Directory Enquiries, Electoral Roll, Director Reports)
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3 People Finding Details Page

Select the record you want more information on from the search results page. The details page will tell you for free that person's

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Property prices (theirs and neighbouring for property's sold after 2001)
  • A detailed aerial photo of their house

If we have found this record in our premium database, then we can also tell you:

  • Their likely age
  • Other occupants at that address (such as spouse or adult children)
  • Length of time they have resided at that address
  • Previous occupants at that address (dating back to 2002)
  • Who their neighbours are and how much they paid for their house
  • If that person is the Director of a Company and if so their
  • Profession
  • Nationality
  • Exact Age
  • Current and previous directorships

If you want even more information on this person such as whether they are married or have children or if you're interested in Genealogy, you can also search Birth, Marriage & Death records from 1837 to 2005. This is also premium data and requires credits to access.

See a sample details page

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