How to find People using

There are lots of ways to search for someone on

Look around, and you'll see there are lots of places you can start a search for a person.

Lots of users tell us they find the People Finder search tool the most helpful when looking for someone, but we also offer specialist Directory Enquiry, Electoral Roll Search, and Company Directors searches too. Using these searches can help you narrow the results down, depending on what information you require.

Getting started with People Search

Increase your chances of finding the person you're looking for by getting started with People Finder search.

The People Finder search results include all the information we have that relates to the name you have searched. To access these records, you will need to purchase credits.

What do I need to search for a person on

The more information you already have, the better our searches will be at refining your results.

Information like a person's Full Name, Location and even the Name of someone who might be living at the same address can all be helpful and can be added to your search using the Advanced Search function.

If you don't have all that information, that's OK. No matter which search you want to complete we recommend you get started with the person's name. If you do not know the person's full name, try searching by first initial, middle initial, partial first name or partial surname. Then include a location such as the city, town, suburb or postcode related to the person.

Location is essential for Directory Enquiry searches, but if you're unsure where the person lives, our People Finder search, Electoral Roll Search and Directors Searches will still work.

To access Premium Records you will also need to be registered on the site and have credits on your account.

What will the results page show me?

The People Finder search results include records from all our suppliers, where available.

For each result, you can see the source of our data, which could be as recent as this year, or go back to 2002. Premium Results may also include the length of time a person has resided at an address, the previous occupants, and if the person is a company director.

To view these records, you will need to add credits to your account. Various packages are available depending on how many searches you require. If you want even more detail about the individual, you could also consider ordering a Background Report.

0 Available Results?

There are several possible reasons that the search you have conducted has 'no results found'.

Most importantly, we only include the names and addresses of individuals over the age of 18 found in the UK.

If no number is returned try searching the name of any known adult who lives at the same address, as the telephone account could be in their name. If you still don't find a telephone number the person you are looking for may be ex-directory.

Our electoral roll data spans from 2002-2019. The last full electoral roll available on is the 2002 version. Since 2003 we have only been able to publish the Open Register, formerly known as the "edited electoral roll". The Open Register excludes all names and addresses of people who have opted out of having their information made available for commercial purposes. If the person you are looking for has opted out then they will not appear in our Electoral Roll data.

Specialised Searching

If you have a good idea about the information you require or want to find our specific information, you might choose to use one of our specialised searches.

Directory Enquiry

The Directory Enquiry Search is just like opening up the phone book; only it's online! You will need to know the name of the person you’re looking to contact and their location before you get started. Ex-directory numbers won't show in these search results, and to search for a business, you will need to use our Business Directory.

Electoral Roll

Electoral Roll Search will let you explore Electoral Register records from 2002 onwards. This search might help you find people who no longer have a landline phone number, or are ex-directory for another reason. While the most recent Electoral Roll records appear first, you may still find relevant and useful information such as addresses on earlier years' records. Older Electoral Roll records remain helpful in cases where the person is unlikely to have relocated. All Electoral Roll records are marked with a source year or years, to give you an idea of how old the information may be.


Directors Search includes information directly from the Companies House records for appointed and resigned Directors and people with significant shareholdings.