What is Premium Content On 192.com?

Many of the records on 192.com are available for free. However, to access premium records, you will need to purchase credits before all the data is revealed to you.

What's free on 192.com?

  • Directory enquiry listings
  • 4.5M business listings
  • Maps
  • Property Prices

Searching free records on 192.com

When you register for free on 192.com you will get up to 20 searches per day and be able to see the name, address and telephone number of the person or business you searched for.

Free Listings are given at the top of the screen. These are taken from the telephone directory database and to see these you have to enter a surname and location otherwise we will return no free results.

Below these are Premium Data records such as Electoral Roll, Director Reports, Company Reports and BMD indexes results that match the search. If you are being asked to purchased credits it will be because you are clicking on one of these results as we do charge to view these records, if you have already purchased credits you just need to sign in at this point. If you haven't purchased credits you'll be prompted to do so after signing in.

What is Premium Content?

Premium Content is any information that is found under -

  • Electoral Roll 2002 - 2018
  • Director Reports
  • Company Reports
  • Births, Deaths and Marriages Indexes

Even though we do have millions of free results, you're more likely to find people if you search our premium listings as well, such as the Electoral Roll. Why?

Searching the Electoral Roll, as well as Directory Enquiries, helps you find more people because:

  • The Electoral Roll has 50 million name and address listings while Directory Enquiries only searches 13 million records
  • The Electoral Roll allows you to search for people that are ex-directory or do not have a landline
  • The Electoral Roll allows you to search for all the adults within a household not just the person that pays the phone bill.

Access to premium listings also gives you much more powerful search options including the ability to refine your search by:

  • Likely age
  • Other household occupants (e.g. spouse & adult children)
  • Plus you can search nationwide without having to specify a location (You will always have to tell us a location if you're searching for Directory Enquiries only

These three features work wonders when you're trying to find someone but you have very little idea where they live now.

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Get the Complete Picture of a Person

If the person you're looking for is found for free in our Directory Enquiries listings, we'll tell you their name, address and phone number.

If that person is found in our premium listings, we'll tell you:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Phone number (where available)
  • Likely age
  • Length of residence at that address
  • Everyone in the household over the age of 18, registered on the public Electoral Roll
  • Neighbours
  • Property prices
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Director's Details

If that person is a Director of a Company we will also tell you their age, honours, occupation and a list of Companies that they are also a Director of - both past and present.

192.com also gives you access to Company Reports for any business this person is associated with. This includes basic financials (turnover, profit, fixed assets, company registration number & date of incorporation), headquarters, location type, number of employees, directors & key executives and major shareholders.

Please note that reports available through the Company Credit Reports section of our site are excluded from the 192.com credit system and will need to be purchased separately.

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Family Records

If you want even more information on this person such as whether they are married or have children or if you're interested in Genealogy, you can also search Birth, Marriage & Death records from 1837 to 2005. This is also premium data and requires credits to access. You can even see who lived in your house in 1861, if it existed then of course!

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