What is Premium Content On 192.com?

Free and Premium Records

192.com lets you search for information from a wide variety of sources. Some of this information, like telephone directory records are available at no cost. Other records, including information from the Electoral Roll, Companies House or other official sources, are considered to be Premium Results. These have a cost associated if you wish to view the record.

What Can I Search For Free?

As a registered user, you can complete up to twenty searches on our Directory Enquiries search. Directory information is regularly updated and contains millions of records just like those you would find in a telephone book. To complete a Directory Enquiries search, you will need to include the name and location of the person you are searching.

What Are Premium Records?

Premium Records include information from a variety of official sources including:

  • Electoral Roll 2002 - 2023
  • Director Reports
  • Company Reports

We hold more Premium Records than we do Directory Records as they include a wider group of people, such as those who may be ex-directory or have never owned a landline. Therefore, your chances of finding information about a person increase when you include Premium Records in your Search.

Once you have found the person you are searching for, you might choose to order a Background Report. This a PDF document which you can download, which includes information on an individual from all of our official sources where available.

How much does it cost to see Premium Records?

To view Premium Records from the search results page, you will need to have signed in to your account and have at least one credit. Each search costs one credit to complete. You can enable Credit Warnings to confirm each time you’re going to spend a credit and manage your account. You’ll find this option under ‘Site Preferences’ on the ‘Your Account’ page.

Company Credit Reports, Background Reports and Property Reports are not eligible for purchase using credits – these reports can be purchased separately.

What are Credits?

Credits are the currency of 192.com. They are available in packages of varying sizes, where the ‘cost-per-search’ becomes lower, as the size of the package increases.

Most credit packages are valid for 6 months, although smaller packages expire after one month.