Credits on

What are credits

Credits are the currency of They are available in packages of varying sizes, where the 'cost-per-search' becomes lower, as the size of the package increases.

Credits pay for the ability to access Premium Records including information from the Electoral Roll, Companies House Records, County Court Judgements and Births, Marriages & Deaths details.

Each of the following will cost you one credit:

  • A search on Electoral Roll data - this can return up to 200 results per search
  • A Directory Enquiry Search - after the maximum free searches are complete
  • A Director Report
  • A County Court Judgment
  • A search of the Birth, marriage or death records from 1984-2005 - this can return up to 4 records per search
  • A view of an image of any birth, marriage, or death record from 1837-1983

You can manage your credits and how you use them under the Site Preferences section of Your Account. Enable the Credit Counter to display how many credits are available on your account. Enable the Credit Warnings to confirm each time you're going to spend a credit.

Most credit packages are valid for 6 months, although smaller packages expire after one month. Once credits expire, they will be removed from your account. Unfortunately, we are unable to refund the cost of unused credits.