How to find Businesses using

1. Search by Name & Location

  • Search by Company name or business type
  • Or search by just Company name
  • Or just business type

Hint! Keep your search broad - you can always refine your search later

2. Review & Refine Your Search Results

  • 4.5 million business listings are available on
  • Your search results are presented in order of shortest distance to your search

Browse your Search Results

The Refine Your Search section helps you browse your results. Businesses are grouped by:

  • Business type or classification
  • Data Sources (Creditsafe, 118 Information)
  • Locations (none, country, region, county, partial postcode)

Search Results Highlighted on the Map

See your results pinpointed on a map to find the person you're looking for even faster.

3. Get the complete picture on any business business searches give you a business':

  • Full contact details
  • Shop front photos
  • Distance from search
  • Nearest train station
  • Website details
  • Other branches
  • Property prices
  • Other websites the business runs
  • Other website that reference or review that business

Purchase credits to access premium data including:

  • Basic financials - Turnover, profit, fixed assets, company registration number & date of incorporation
  • Headquarters
  • Location type
  • Number of employees
  • Directors & key executives
  • Major shareholders

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