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  • I just wanted to let you know that I have been looking for my brother and sisters (who I haven't seen for 18 years) for the past 6 years and within MINUTES of registering with your site, I had found them. Thank you so much for allowing me to make my life complete.
  • I just wanted to thank you. A few years back I stayed with a family in England. I have since lost touch with them, but think of them often. We were very close and kept in contact for about 5 years. I have searched many telephone listing sites with no success. Within 5 minutes, I found my lost family. I thought while I was on a roll, that I would try to locate a lost pen pal in Burton Trent. Again, I quickly found a match. Thank you so much. I am elated to have found my lost friends. Terri xxxxxx.
  • I just wanted to say a big thank you to you. Using your service I have been able to find a friend from 12 years ago and my partner has made contact with a chum he had 40 years ago when they were kids and had a great re-union It has been a very useful tool to have.
  • Thirty years ago, I joined the Royal Navy and eight of us were to spend four years together before we finally went along different paths. Many times I have tried to find ways of contacting them knowing only the names but all to no avail, and then along came 192.com. In just 3 weeks, I have know spoken to all of them with a view to a reunion.My Deepest thanks to all at 192.com. Regards, Chris Byles.
  • Les Carey, now living in California wanted to find two of his friends who were RAF Boy entrants with him in 1947. They are Ron xxxx and Patrick xxxx. He is coming to the UK in April, for a reunion.
  • Jxxx Marchant was looking to find her cousin Bruce xxxx whom she had not seen sine 1974. He was found living in Doncaster and it turned out that he had been looking for her, but she had remarried.
  • Julia Bxxx parents divorced in 1957, she had not seen her father since then, 44 years ago. Through 192.com he was found living in Norwich, now in his late 70's. He also wanted to look for her, but did not know where to start.
  • 192.com helped John Lxxxx to find his friend who he had not seen for 49 years, ever since 1951. They were at the Empire Air Navigational School together, at Shawbury, Shropshire. His friends name is Walter xxxxxx, know as Happy. They were good friends for many years, in their spare time they used to run a cinema, John was the cashier and Happy was the projectionist. John found Happy living in Bristol, and he was pleased to have been found.
  • Matt xxxxxx had tried for 10yrs on and off to trace his birth parents. Three weeks after searching on 192.com Matt had found his parents (who had split up before his birth 29yrs ago) and is anxiously awaiting his first reunion.
  • Dave xxxxxx had been adopted 39yrs ago. His mother had moved around the Country, and had had several different surnames. Soon after searching 192.com his father and his two biological sisters were located. Dave and his family had a wonderful reunion in London just before Christmas.
  • Cliff xxxxxx was in the hope of finding his mother and obtained lists of information from 192.com . A few days later Cliff located his new family and is now busy catching up on the past!
  • Denise xxxxx was hoping to reunite her partner with his daughter whom he hadn't seen for some 14 years. They have all met up several times, and are happy re-building their relationship.
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More Reunited Stories
More Reunited Stories