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  • Person Looking: Mrs P. Wheeler
    Person Missing: P. Hudson (nee Painting)
    Relationship: Cousin
    Reason For Separation: Family Problems 1938/39

    Started searching in November 1999. Marriage certificate details were located, and the person missing was then traced using 192.com, through the Electoral Roll Database, they were located in December 1999.

    No.of people reunited: approx. 8
  • Person Looking: Mrs D. Lynwood
    Person Missing: A. Buckingham Fennell
    Relationship: Nephew
    Reason For Separation: Family Rift

    Lost touch 50 years ago. Traced through the 192.com, the aunt and her nephew were reunited in 1999, all is well.

    No. of people reunited: 4
  • Person Looking: R. Redman
    Person Missing: D. Greensill
    Relationship: School friend / Ship mate
    Reason for Separation: They served aboard HMS Duke of York together from 1945 to 1946, his friend D. then transferred to HMS King George V in 1946, in 1950 he joined a Destroyer for her Far East Commission, he heard from him in 1954 when his friend deserted in New Zealand, then an amnesty for deserters was granted in 1956, and Dennis returned to the UK in 1958, R. last saw him in 1960. While his friends and shipmates of the Duke of York Association often ask about him, they had failed to locate him. In December 1999 he was found through UK Info Disk, and all is well.

    No. of people reunited: 2
  • Person Looking: Clive Campbell
    Person Missing: Clement Campbell
    Relationship: Half-brother

    Reason for separation: Parents divorced when Clive was an infant, he was Raised by Maternal grandmother, father remarried and had a son, Clement. For Unknown reasons he was raised by an Aunt Jessie, of whom nothing is known. Clive Only recently discovered he had a half-brother and was keen to get in touch if only to Compare notes on their lives that started in a similar way. Clement would have been Around 60 years old.

    Clement read the Column in the Daily Mail and contacted Gill Whitley in March 2000 who traced his brother through the 192.com. All is well.

    No. of people reunited: 4
  • Person Looking: L. Britton
    Person Missing: B. Gallacher
    Relationship: Godfather / real father's brother

    Reason for separation: Family relations were strained, but he used to be her "favourite Uncle" when she was eight. Relations were strained with her step-dad, and they lost all contact. Her Mother tried to contact him to surprise L. for her 21st but was fruitless. Gill Whitley was contacted in August 1999, and L.'s uncle was traced using 192.com, all is well.

    No. of people reunited: 3
  • Person Looking: J. Cross
    Person Missing: C. Robinson
    Relationship: Half-sister

    Reason for separation: Parents separated, the mother took the son, the father took the Daughter. Then the father married J.'s mother, she only discovered the existence of her half-sister after she started to write to her half-brother's wife. Her Half-sister was born in the 1930's. She wrote to Gill Whitley in March 2000, and Her half-sister was traced through 192.com, all is now well.

    No. of people reunited: 4
  • Person Looking: I. Levy
    Person Missing: R. Tagg
    Relationship: School Friend and Best Man

    Reason for separation: Moved away
    Lost touch for over 20 years, I. contacted Gill Whitley in November 1999, and his friend was Traced through 192.com, all is now well.

    No. of people reunited: 2
  • Person Looking: K.A.Q. Jenkins
    Person Missing: S. Stovold
    Relationship: Fellow Officers in East Surrey Reg.
    Reason for separation: drifted apart after return from India and Demob in 1948.
    Wanted to get in touch for a reunion in May 2000. Had no success with the MOD, but found through 192.com, all well.

    No. of people reunited: 2 - 9
  • Person Looking: Mrs A. Burnham (nee Cooper)
    Person Missing: D. Stokes
    Relationship: 2nd Cousin
    Reason for separation: Lost touch, some 50 years ago, used to play as children, D. would now be in his 60's. Found in May 2000, all is well.

    No. of people reunited: 4

  • Person Looking: V. Aldred
    Person Missing: M. Dack
    Relationship: Friend and employee

    Reason for separation: Moved away from job to become psychiatric nurse. V. Had not seen her since 1986. She had come to work for the family as a nanny, but Moved away in 1985. She Had tried to locate her without success. Contacted Gill In Feb 2000, and was found using 192.com, all is well.

    No. of people reunited: 4
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More Reunited Stories
More Reunited Stories