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More Reunited Stories

Approximately over 300 people have been reunited through 192.com, but with family reunions between parents and children, brothers and sisters or cousins, numerous members of their extended families have also been reunited.

While these stories have been collated from Gill Whitley of Searching for a Memory who uses the Disk in her work, many others have used 192.com or 192.com directly to trace long-lost friends or family.

Person Looking: S. Allen
Persons Missing: Mr and Mrs J Chadderton / J. and P. Watson
Relationship: Friends

Reason for separation: S. and her husband had to leave Hong Kong because her husband was taken ill. She has not seen her friends since 1970 and was keen to be reunited with them and, after almost thirty years She contacted Gill and through 192.com Mr and Mrs Chadderton were located and the friends were reunited.

No. of people reunited: 4

Person Looking: A. Crosby
Person Missing: D. Caldwell
Relationship: Army Mates

Reason for separation: Did national service together form 1958-1960. Were in the Army catering corp and served in Cyprus. A. had tried all avenues but to no Avail. He then contacted Gill in September 2001 and using 192.com, the friends Are now reunited some 40 years later, all is well.

No. of people reunited: 2

Person Looking: C. Fentiman
Persons Missing: E. Roberts / L. Willis
Relationship: Ex Navy Friends

Reason for separation: Met in September 1956, when they went to the Royal Navy Electrical College at H.M Collingwood. They kept in touch for about five years but Then lost touch. C. was very keen to get back in touch as they were all Great friends. C. contacted Gill in June 2001 and through 192.com she was able to locate both E. and L. were found and all is well.

No. of people reunited: 3

Person Looking: A. Hood
Persons Missing: A. P. Seager, K. Seager
Relationship: Stepbrothers

Reason for separation: Never knew them.
Found out about her stepbrothers after her father (their father also) died in 1990. They Were born in 1946 and 1948. Only she and her brother still live, when she found out about her stepbrothers it became an obsession to find them as they have such a small family. Their father had never spoken of his other family. They were traced through 192.com, in November 1999, reunited and all is well.

No. of people reunited: 4

Person Looking: E. Murray
Persons Missing: L. Murray / D. Murray / K. Murray / B. Murray
Relationship: 1st Cousins

Reason for separation: Their families emigrated to different countries, E.'s family to Canada, and her Cousins to the UK. W. Her uncle had one son by his first marriage, L. They had been in contact with their Uncle's family in the 70's through his second wife. W. died in the 70's and they lost touch when their branch of the family moved to Canada. They were very eager to reunite the family while there were still some of them living. They had tried British Directory Enquiries but to no avail. They then contacted Gill and through UK-Info Disk, three of their cousins were reunited in 2001.

No. of people reunited: 4-8

Person Looking: L. Rolph
Person Missing: D. Spiller
Relationship: School Friend

Reason for separation: D. moved to Wales, L. wrote letters, but there was no reply. They were at school in the late 60's, but lost touch soon after she moved. L. wanted to get back in touch. Found using 192.com in January 2000.

No. of people reunited: 2

Person Looking: Mrs M. Smith
Person Missing: Mrs M. A. Cattermole
Relationship: School friends from the age of five

Reason for separation: M. A.'s marriage and move away from the district. M. And five of her school friends who regularly met up over the last nine years were keen to get back in touch with M. A., as they often wondered how she was. The friends who are all in their fifties are: F. Wynne, H. Plaister, S. Bennett and D. Easton. They contacted Gill in October 1999, and their friend was traced through 192.com, all is well.

No. of people reunited: 6

Person Looking: A. J. Wilson
Person Missing: B. Wakeford
Relationship: Fleet Air Arm friends

Reason for separation: Lost contact upon disbanding of 815 Squadron in 1960. Wanted to say a thank you to his friend for always getting him home safely. B. Was his observer in 815 Squadron, Fleet Air Arm from 1959-1960. Previous efforts Through Forces Direct and the F.A.A. Officers' Association had failed. After many Years, his friend was located through 192.com, and all is now well.

No. of people reunited: 2

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More Reunited Stories
More Reunited Stories