How to register to vote in the UK

Are you registered to vote? In order to have your say in UK local and general elections, you need to ensure that you are listed on the voters roll at your correct address. To make sure your voice gets heard, follow's simple checklist to ensure you're ready and able to vote:

Are you registered to vote? Check here...

Check that you're registered to vote at your current address

You need to do this before any election - don't leave it too late, or you may miss out. Being registered to pay council tax does not mean that you are registered to vote and if you've moved house you will need to register at your new address, even if you've stayed in the same local area.

To check that you are registered at your current address, enter your name and full postcode below. If we have you listed, you'll get an exact match in our premium results section. is the only site that allows you to check these details online for free.

If you're not listed on, this could be because you've opted out of version of the electoral register that's made publicly available or you are not registered at your current address.

Speak to your local Electoral Registration Officer

If you're not listed on, contact your local Electoral Registration Officer to see if you are listed on the full version of the electoral register and to get details of how to register if you're not. To make this as simple as possible, has linked to the contact details for every Electoral Registration Office in Britain, so there are no excuses!

Calling all students, make your voice heard!

More than 20% of students aren't on the electoral register. While students can be registered at two addresses (their home address and term address) the Electoral Commission encourages students to register and vote at their term address in order to ensure issues that most affect them are addressed. Please note that even if you are registered at multiple addresses, you can only vote at one address.

Download a registration form today

If you're not registered to vote at your current address, you can download a registration form from the About My Vote website.

Make the most of increased polling flexibility

Once you're registered to vote, you will be a sent a voting card ahead of polling day. You don't need to take this with you to vote but it will tell you where your local polling station is located. Voting stations are clearly signed and tend to be at local schools, churches or government buildings. Never fear if you have to work that day, these stations are open from 7am till 10pm and you can now take your children with you if needs be when you vote. If you're still unable to make it to a polling station you can apply for a postal vote or cast your vote by proxy (there is a separate form for this, also available on the About My Vote website).

What else can I do?

You can also use's Electoral Roll Search to find out if other members of your household are on the electoral roll - and you can use it to search for anyone else in the UK. Our People Finder also searches other data such as BT phone directories and Company Director Records, so if you have lost touch with old friends or colleagues, this is the best place to seek them out.

People Finding Tips

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