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Reuniting friends & family in 2007

In 2007, we made a call out to our customers to tell us their best 192.com reunion stories. Following is an amazing list of heartfelt stories that demonstrated to us just how valuable our service was. Sure we knew that 192.com was used every day by hundreds of thousands of users, but these stories really put a human element to those searches and gave us a real understanding of the impact we were having on everyday lives. Read on for some of the best stories you'll ever hear...

Jane used traced her birth mother

I would just like to say that I did use 192.com to trace my birth mother. I was adopted at 6 weeks old and had no information what so ever about either of my birth parents. I received my original birth certificate from social services which held only the name of my birth mother. So I placed it on 192.com electoral register. My birth mums first name is Ginette - as you see spelt with the letter G not J. When I typed in the name, only one response came back. I then asked social service to write to this lady as it is a very sensitive subject, and to my utter amazement it turn out to be my mum, and we have since had a successful relationship and my son now has a nan. So I would like to take this opportunity to thank 192.com so very much for providing this service. I do now have a name for my dad but this time I am unsure of how it is spelt and he has no idea that I exist. Many thanks once again and good luck with 192.com. Jane Crook

Kerri tracked down a childhood friend

Margaret and I had been friends since primary school and I have many great memories of staying at her house. Unfortunately when we were aged about 11 years her family moved from Swanage Lighthouse and went to live in Penzance, Cornwall where he became Lighthouse Keeper there. We kept in touch by letter for many years and then as we grew up and started our own families, sadly, we lost touch. The last time I saw her was over 12 years ago when I visited her in Cornwall. I had been thinking a lot over the past few months, so I used 192.com to try and find Margaret a few weeks ago. I used the married name she had over 12 years ago and was lucky. She had moved from the address I remember her being at but I just wrote to the 192.com address on the off chance, giving my e-mail address for her to contact me if I had got the right person... and a day after she received the letter she e-mailed me! She was chuffed to bits that I had tracked her down. We have now exchanged photos and updated each other on what we have been doing and I hope to stay in contact with her from now on!! I'm really pleased that I paid the money to use the 192.com service as Margaret wasn't on the Friends Reunited Site which I used first of all to look for her. Kerri, Dorset

Robyn found her Aunt for the first time

I have a special thank you to make to you all at 192.com. For about 37 years I had been trying off and on to find my mother's siblings, with little to go on but how many brothers and sisters. It started when I was about 14 years old and in those days was almost impossible. Over the years I tried newspapers, salvation army and the local records office. Not having the time or money to search for long made it impossible until the age of the internet. Just over 2 years ago I registered with a few websites and searched to find the names of the siblings and then applied for their birth certificates. From there I searched again for marriages. The boys were fairly simple, though soon came to a dead end when I also found their death details. The girls were another matter as I thought they were adopted. I carried on searching and eventually found one had married in Birmingham. I searched and searched records connected to Birmingham to no avail. By chance someone on another site mentioned a death registration of the husband was given as Norwich, but no death details of the missing sister. A chance I thought! The same site had mentioned 192.com as a way of finding living people in an area. Armed with this information, I logged on and put in the name, a county and prayed. I FOUND HER! I called her home and left a message. Later that day her son called and by the evening I was speaking to my Aunt who is now 83 years old. I would not have found her if not for your site. Thank you so much. Robyn Taylor

Amanda was reunited with her childhood sweetheart after 20 years

My story is the best story you will ever read. When I was seventeen I met the love of my life and embarked on the romance of a lifetime my father who thought I was far too young to be this involved sent me to Australia to be with my mother who had immigrated 3 years before. My boyfriend Paul told me he would never marry and I was the only girl for him. I left England devastated. Life was to move on and twenty long years passed but I constantly thought of Paul and our time together. I happened upon 192.com and put his name in the system and couldn't believe that I found an address. I wrote him a letter and nervously waited. It took 3 months for him to call me as the letter went to an old address but by pure chance he managed to retrieve the mail. When he called me and I heard his voice I knew that this was the most life changing thing I had ever done. He never married as he said he wouldn't and had spent the last twenty years thinking about me as I had him. I flew to England within a couple of months and we met again after all those years. He told me he would never let me go again and flew back out to Australia with me….We were married and Paul who at 45 has only known life in England has now emigrated to Australia and left life in the UK behind him. True love always wins out in the end we are living proof without 192.com I may never have realised our dream. Today we have been married two years and for us both they are the happiest times of our life. Amanda and Paul Levy

Mike found his father

A couple of years ago I used 192.com to contact my father whom I had not seen in over 16 years. Our relationship was always a strained one at best and was further complicated by my father's mental health problems, he was a schizophrenic. Anyway we did eventually meet and saw each other regularly for eighteen months until his death last year. Thank you to 192.com for enabling such a reunion. Mike Thirlwell, 42

Isobel found her mother's childhood friend

Last year I organised a surprise party for my mum's 70th birthday. Nearly 12 months of planning and much secrecy, 'borrowing' her address book without her finding out etc and getting her out of the way so we could go through all her email addresses. One photo that kept being brought out showed my mum and her friend Joan, with whom she still keeps in touch, and another girl, on their last day at school, 53 years' previously. I asked who the other girl was and was told that the three of them always used to go around together but that they'd lost touch with the girl shortly after leaving school. All I had was her name and somebody thought she may still be living in Scotland. I went on to 192.com and basically went through all the possibles, eventually ringing the phone number of the correct lady, who was completely gobsmacked by the 'You don't know me but...' conversation. Realising it had probably been a bit of a shock, I then used the address from the site and wrote to her, explaining at length we were holding the party and it would be great if she could come along and be 'one of the girls' again. She did travel to Edinburgh from her home in the Highlands and the 'pals' were reunited on 29 September 2007. The 'girls' have met up since, halfway between their homes, in Perth and hope to keep up contact now. Isobel Stephenson

Trish found her partner's father

My Partner has never known anything about his Father other than he lived in Greenwich when he was born, and that his first name was John. At Christmas Matt came to my Parents house for Christmas and I asked if he'd ever wanted to find his Dad. He said that he had but that he didn't really know where to start. I know that I'm quite good with research type things but I've never looked for an actual person before. He agreed that I could look so I started having a nosey around. My housemate at the time had started to think about looking for his adopted parents and a friend of his recommended findmypast.com and I basically used a combination of that and 192.com. I used his Mum's maiden name and searched back Marriage records from Matt's year of birth and found one for his Parents. I ordered that as I knew it would give us his dad's age at the time of marriage and an address which they were at the time. I then used that information to find a birth certificate so that I could use 192.com to search the electoral roll for John Sadlers in the Greenwich area in the correct age bracket. I was extremely excited when I found a correctly aged John Sadler at the same address as on the marriage certificate that I had obtained. It was particularly weird for Matt too as he'd lived just round the corner from him as a child. Trish Lee

Julia traced her niece and met her birth family for the first time

I was born in 1945 and was placed in a large orphanage. At 17 yrs old I went to live in a hospital residence where I trained to become a Reg Nurse. After I qualified, I emigrated to Canada and later married there and started my own family. Sadly, my mother was never a part of my life. I did however manage to trace her in her elderly years. Unfortunately at this point she had dementia and was unable to give me any details about my father or his family. After many exhausting years of trying to get information I was able to trace my father's side of the family and discovered that I had a half sister Frances who is still living age 70 yrs old. It was through the help of 192.com that we was able to gain access to the 2007 electoral lists. From this information I was able to make contact with my niece who lives in Reading. Unfortunately, her father is deceased now, he would have been my half brother. Sandra my niece has been so very helpful and we are establishing a good relationship. After 63 lonely years it was an extremely emotional the day I met my niece Sandra and her family. Words could not describe enough what it meant to me to be able to find her address in the electoral list. Thank you so much 192.com. Julia Rose Jackson, Canada

Graham traced thousands of former students

I have traced more than 4,300 former pupils and teachers from the school I attended. A lot of this was thanks to 192.com! Graham Frankel

Kay found her Aunty after 27 years as well as cousins she'd never met

After my father had a major fallout with his mother 27 years ago, he moved away with his family from Yorkshire to Essex leaving no contact details and so we lost touch with his whole family including 2 sisters and a brother and all their children. Last year I decided I wanted to get back in touch but found that no-one lived at their old addresses. I then discovered by looking at Death records which are now on line that my dads sister and brother as well as his mother had all died in the intervening years. That left one sister unaccounted for, who I hoped was still alive as she would now be 73 years old and I hoped it wasn't too late, but I didn't know how to trace her. Just before Christmas 2007 I went on line and found a message in my emails from 192.com that if I wanted to find a long lost friend or relative to do a search on their site which just meant inputting the name of the person you wanted and town, if known. I knew my Dads sister had lived in Maltby, so I put in her name and whereabouts as Maltby and imagine my surprise when moments later I had her name and address and phone number before me on the screen. I couldn't believe my eyes! It seemed too good to be true! I picked up my phone, my hands shaking with excitement and heart racing and dialled the number wondering how on earth my aunt would react to hearing from me, her long lost niece, after all these years. The phone rang several times and all sorts of thoughts raced through my mind, like would she be pleased or not to hear from me, I felt was so nervous and was wondering what did I say to someone hadn't spoken to or seen for nearly 30 years. The phone was picked up and a voice answered saying "Hello" which belonged to an old lady, it had to be her!!! So she did get the surprise of her life to find out it was me calling, after I checked that she was indeed my aunt Phyllis, she said it was only days before her and her family had been discussing us and wandering what happened to us, one of my cousins had been trying unsuccessfully to find us for years. We spoke for about half an hour and I assured her I would be back in touch. When I put the phone down I just felt so happy to actually have spoken to her when less than an hour before I didn't know if she was still alive! I was in fact over the moon about it and couldn't wait to let the rest of my family know. Since then, I have kept regular contact, my dad had spoken to her and they have exchanged cards, and letters and cards have been sent by my cousins to my family. I travelled up to see them all last month for a reunion visit which was wonderful, and we will be visited in turn during May. Being reunited with my dads family just before Christmas was the best Christmas present ever and I am very grateful for the help that the 192.com service gave me to make it happen. Thanks so much! Kay Miller

Alan traced 85 "old boys" for his 50 year reunion

As the year 2000 approached I thought how nice it would be to meet up again with my old school friends. I left school in 1952 and had only stayed in touch with a couple. When I started trying to organise a reunion to mark 50 years since we'd left school, I had no idea how I would go about tracing my old friends. I had heard that a new website had started, called Friends Reunited, so I decided that this would be a good way of finding everyone. Armed with a second-hand computer and modem I got connected but was bitterly disappointed when having subscribed to Friends Reunited I found that there were only four of my old chums' names on it. I then tried going through various telephone directories and was lucky enough to trace a couple more. The breakthrough came when someone I'd traced told me that there was a website called 192.com and that it was possible to search the Electoral rolls. I subscribed to 192.com and on the first night I succeeded in speaking to four old boys with whom I'd lost touch around 50 years previously. However, as I was looking to trace 99 "old boys" it was a daunting task and so having spoken to someone at 192.com we came to the decision that my best bet would be to purchase the UK Info Disk, which I did. With the aid of UK Info Disk, (which I could use off-line) and many phone calls and letters, I was eventually successful in accounting for 85 of my school chums (of whom sadly 10 had passed away). My regret is that I wasn't able to account for all 99 of my former school friends because some names never appeared on the electoral rolls, possibly because they had passed away or perhaps emigrated. PS. Had I relied on the Friends Reunited website for the reunion there would half been no more than half a dozen of us there. The increase in numbers for our year on the site was as a direct result of our reunion. Alan Burgess

Jen found her husband's two half-sisters

A couple of years ago I managed with difficulty to trace my husband's 2 half sisters who had no idea of his existence. My husband was born in 1945, the result of my mother in law's ' love of her life' affair. Using 192.com I eventually traced one of his sisters who then contacted the other sister, we met up shortly afterwards. It was and has been since an amazing experience. They at last had a brother which they said they had always wished to have. Our children & grandchildren all meet up at family events and there have been many similarities both in nature and visually observed. Jen Langan

Paul organised at 25th anniversary class reunion

We successfully held an event to celebrate the 25th anniversary of leaving the Polytechnic of Wales in the Hilton Hotel, Cardiff. Two of us took the bull by the horns and trailed the Internet and 192.com to try and locate as many as possible. We managed to trace a majority and as many attended as possible (most with their partners). Two of our ex-students travelled from the USA and a third was due to travel from Hong Kong but cancelled at the last minute due to work commitments. Paul Gibson

Colin was reunited with his daughter after 19 years

In 1988 I fathered a child in Nottingham England with my girl friend at the time. We were both young and split before we knew we were going to have a baby. I went nearly 19 years without seeing or having any contact with my daughter. When she turned 18, I tried an internet service dedicated to locating lost family. They wrote back to me saying that because she had just turned 18 years old they didn't want to pursue the case. About a month later (August 2006) I tried 192.com and paid a little money to access the census records. Using these census records I was able to locate my daughter and her mother. Two weeks before my daughters 19 birthday, I sent her a birthday card and the following week she called. Since then both of us have been working on developing our farther daughter relationship. We email each other every day, speak on the phone about once a week and I visited her 4 times last year in England and she came to visit me in Atlanta, GA this year. Colin Robinson

Paul found old classmates for his 30 year school reunion

I used 192.com to find old classmates for my 30 year school reunion, I found about 90 out of 150 and 50+ of them turned up for the party, some I hadn't seen for 30 years, it was a great night, one old friend worked for a local paper and we had some photos of the party published. Based in Bridgwater Somerset and would be happy to come to London and speak on TV. Paul Newman, Somerset

John found family members he never knew existed

I used 192.com to trace a family member that I never knew I had. I have been in contact with her and have found out I have 3 cousins and a 90 year old grandmother! John Ball, 33

Jacqueline found an old family friend

I am writing to tell you that I had been searching for 2 years for a family friend. My Mother who is eighty wanted to find her as she hadn't seen her for many years they had spent the early years of their married life together and were posted over the globe including trouble spots around the world and had great stories to tell. Then I spotted you on Google and gave it a go. I found her straight away. My mother made contact and discovered that she lived only a few miles away. We had a lovely day together reminiscing of all old times so thank you 192.com! Jacqueline Moss

Gerry traced his birth mother

I am now 45 and was adopted at birth as in 1963 my parents were not married. Over the last 3 years using 192.com and other websites I traced my birth mother - and her two daughters who it transpires are my full sisters, as my birth mother and father married after I was given up. We were reunited nearly 12 months ago and now see each other regularly and are catching up on lost time. Gerry Oakley

Teresa met her cousin for the first time

I found and met a cousin last year for the first time. I had been told by my mother that my uncle had had a son out of wedlock but it was never discussed and no one knew what had happened to him apart from the fact that he had been adopted. When my Uncle passed away I found an old photo naming his childhood sweat heart but on searching for her found that she had also passed away. However I found that her death was filed by her son David Knapp. So then I used 192.com to trace the Knapp family in Bristol. I left phone messages etc and eventually received a phone call from David. We finally met last year and now keep in fairly regular contact. Teresa Beddis

Liz and her friend both found their birth families

My name is Liz Bennett and I received an email from 192.com about family reunions. Both myself and a friend were adopted in the early 1970s and have both been reunited with our families over the last few years. We both used 192.com to trace family members. Liz Bennett

Roger researched former players and officials from Wealdstone FC & found 35 former classmates

Around 2000 I was writing a book (subsequently published) on the History of Wealdstone FC - I wanted to track down a number of former players and officials, and 192.com was instrumental in this - I only had names and approximate locations - perhaps even a county - with 192.com I was able to search on the name and write to or telephone all those that came up - I'm still in touch with about 30 or 40 former players I managed to find in this way and we have had many visit the club and play in 'Old Boys' matches.

Secondly in a similar exercise, I was contacted by an old school friend I hadn't seen since 1974, he had met up with one other 'old boy', we chatted for a while and thought it may be fun to contact as many of our old school mates as possible to meet up. Using 192.com again - as before searching a name in an approximate area - we contacted about 35 former classmates, 31 of us were able to meet up in London (A couple are now overseas) and have remained in touch through the Old Gits - a yahoo group we've set up. We've met up a few times since including a visit to our old school about three years ago. Roger Slater

Carole found her birth mother and her brother

I was adopted as a child. However, at the age of 57, I was able to locate my mother's address, with the help of my daughter who lives in Australia, and through the use of the internet. Trying to find her phone number, I used 192.com, and found someone in the same street as she was living (the same street I was born in) with the same name as my mother's maiden name. I guessed that if she had not moved far, he could be a relative. I phoned the number, a man answered and I introduced myself, asking if he knew a Freda Betty Phillips. Yes he did, and he was her brother. he had been in his house until 5 minutes before I phoned!!!!! He said he would phone her to tell her that I had made contact. I wasn't sure if that was the best way forward, but I gave him my number, and awaited his response. When the phone rang, I picked it up and expected to hear his voice ..... instead it was a female voice ..... my mum!!! It was on Friday November 4th, two and a half years ago, and I arranged to drive to see her that very evening. We have met up several times, and keep in contact by phone every week. I was also able to locate and meet my real brother and his adopted family, and to find out about my father and his children, my half siblings. My daughter and her children visited England last year and we were all able to meet up with mum, four generations of us!!!!!!! Wow!!! Carol Davies, West Midlands

Anne organised her school reunion

I used 192.com to find dozens of people from my college year of 1966/67 - of the 78 students I managed to find or find out what happened to (some died) 76 of them. Quite a few were found using 192.com- but in a round about way because if I couldn't find them easily I had to do family research i.e. find their birth, find their parents marriage, find their siblings, their siblings marriage their siblings children and by following dozens of different names/lines eventually find them. e.g. check out their siblings, their siblings husband, their siblings children - sometimes married sometimes not. Sounds complicated and it was - but a lot of fun and took me a year to do it. We had our reunion last May and plan a follow up mini reunion this May. Anne Sheppard

Richard found old friend he'd lost contact with

One day last year I chanced upon an article in the Daily Mail concerning 'retirement bungalows' and recognised the retired couple in the accompanying photograph, posing in front of a modern style bungalow, as friends I had lost contact with many years ago. In the article their location was given as Port Isacc in Cornwall. Their surname was Green and I looked up 192.com and found their name registered although, beyond Port Isacc, their address was unlisted. I looked on Google Earth for roads in Port Isacc with modern style bungalows, of which there were several and, by process of elimination, entered the various roads into 192.com until I found the one in which my friends were living. One by one I then entered house numbers until, by the same process of elimination, I found their house number and, having a full address then sent them a Christmas card. The result of which was that we have been reunited after 15 years during which time both they and my wife and I had moved several times. Without 192.com and a little help from Google Earth It is unlikely that we would ever have been reunited. Thank you. Richard Everest

Steve organised a reunion of his old gang

Last August I had a party for my 60th birthday. Back in the 60's my wife and I were part of a big gang from the Tottenham area in north London. We all broke up in the late 60's/early 70's when we got married and had kids. I thought it was time for us all to meet up again, using just two search tools, 192.com and friends re-united I managed to locate every member of the gang, around 40-50 people. One was in Panama, one in Vancouver, one in Goa, and the others were all over the UK, North Wales, Christchurch, Sevenoaks, Southend, Torquay and many other places. The friend living in Vancouver I last saw in South Africa in 1970. We all met up at my house in Cambridge, all had interesting, some astounding stories to tell, and we are now holding an annual barbeque so we can all keep in touch. What would have been a difficult, if not impossible job just a few years ago, has now become easy with today's search tools. Steve Austin, 68

Alan found his birth family

When my adoptive parents in Scotland finally passed away I surfed with 192.com and Genes reunited out of curiosity with my origination. This friendly and easy to use site easily guided through the various tools and links towards a most fascinating revelation of my infancy and hitherto lost family. Through the combination of 192.com and Genes reunited, I started with a name search using my mother's maiden name. I made a connection with a gentleman who thought that his mother may in fact be the sister of my mother. I decided to write to this long-lost aunt, choosing my words very carefully whist stating my position and quest. Shortly after sending the letter, I received a phone call one evening from the aunt. From this overwhelming conversation came the stunning news that I had a brother, who had been trying to trace me for many years. I also learned that, although my natural mother had recently passed away, there had been in fact three sisters, the other who was living in a nearby town to that of my now family home, in the south of England. Within the first year of my initial discovery, I was in contact with the aunts, their children and a brother. We continue to meet often, with a majority endeavour to build a very close relationship between my own family and this natural blood family, from another of life's dimensions. Alan Stuart, Leicestershire

Denise found her half sister that she never knew existed

About 6 years ago my father died and I have always tried to trace my family tree, as I felt that he was hiding something from us. My Mother was married to him for 49 years and basically didn't know anything about him. After his death I spent a lot of time visiting the public records office in London to try and see if there was anything I could find and after a lot of time going to and fro, found out that he had another Daughter from a previous marriage. I applied for her birth certificate and his previous marriage certificate and found the maiden name of his first wife. I then did a trace at 192.com for the address that was on the birth certificate and there was someone with the same surname still living there. I then decided to contact the Salvation Army to make contact on my behalf and found out that it was the Uncle of my Sister. We were united shortly after and are still in close contact. Therefore I would recommend 192.com to all. Denise Clarke

Patricia found a friend she first met at Infants in 1947

In September 2002 I was given a computer for my 60th Birthday. I hadn't wanted one and didn't have a clue how to use it. Some months later my son signed me into Friends Reunited and I managed to find my way round the site. I spotted names of pupils I knew at school and names I recognised even though I didn't know the person. One of these was a Gillian Hillman so I read what she was doing now. She was living in Brevard, North Carolina and was anxious to find out if anyone knew the whereabouts of a friend Pat Brown. I had started infants the same day as Pat in 1947 and saw her very occasionally around town though I hadn't seen her for years. I wrote to Gillian and said I would try and find out where she was living. Being a soft touch I agreed and sat at my PC day and night glued to the chair. I tried everything I could think of to find Pat with no success until I came up with 192 on here signed up and Voila I found details and rang her. A few of us were going out for a meal so I persuaded Pat to come to that as a surprise. Before she made her entrance Gillian had asked if I had found her. I appeared annoyed and said "Who do you think I am Wonder Woman" Well she was gobsmacked when Pat walked in. Patricia Fawcett, Newcastle

Rosemary found her daughter's grandparents

My daughter Leanne is 20 years old and has never met her grandparents on her father's side. My ex husband and I split up before she was born and we never kept in contact with any of his family. Just over 2 weeks ago I decided to try to find them. Although there wasn't a telephone number, I decided to write a letter. Well not long after they received the letter they telephoned my daughter. Her grandfather spoke first then put her grandmother on next. When she heard Leanne speaking she broke down in tears. When I came home that night Leanne broke down telling me they had phoned and she was chuffed to bits. We are planning to visit them, during the summer holidays. She only wants to know her fathers side of the family tree. Rosemary Sword, Fife

Paul was reunited with his childhood sweetheart after 30 years

I found an old girlfriend I hadn't seen for 30 years now after 13000 emails we live together in Spain! We first met when I was 13 Denise was 11. We went out with each other off an on until we were 19 and 17 then we got engaged. After that we drifted apart as we both hadn't really grown up and wanted to experience life basically. Anyway we stopped seeing each other then we both met other people and eventually both married. Years later I separated from my wife. I already knew of 192.com and entered Denise' name in and was presented with her address phone number and a small map. I made contact and after the initial few hundred emails we arranged to meet as her marriage had ended too. Hence after 30 years, we saw each other for the first time when she came to Spain for the day. We got on as if we had never really been apart. After a few months I asked her to come to Spain full time. Denise and 2 of her children moved over around 6 months later to share my home with my daughter and I. Denise and I intend to write a book about our love for each other! Paul Roberts, Spain

Lesley found her long lost sister

When we were very young my brother, Terry and I were placed in the care of social services and my youngest sister, Joan, was adopted out to a loving family. Until I was 16 I never knew of Joan and was shocked by the visit from social services as Joan's foster Mom pushed for Joan's right to know she had two other siblings. We met as I mentioned but My father was furious that this had come to light and made it clear, she was not his child, we kept in touch but the letters were always opened, to check the content, and soon after that there were no more letters. I later left at 18 to come to Canada to make my life all by myself in 1977. I searched in 1987 and after 2 years located my mother, we met and kept in touch but she died 12 years ago, but I found out I have two Half brothers living in London. I never forgot Joan, and with the internet being what it is, gave me a better chance to look for her. My search on the 192.com website, led to an email from a young man who sent me two possible name, for Joan but the last Name was not MiGuinness or her foster Name Burrell, it was Chamberlain, on the 192.com Census, that came up. I took a chance and wrote two letters to both, and kept fingers crossed after nearly three years on and off looking for Joan I received an email back from one of the contacts, saying she was sorry, but she was not Joan, Two Weeks Later a letter arrived, My husband came home with an envelope, he picked up the mail, and I opened the letter hoping for the best, It was My long lost sister Joan, the emotion's were indescribable I cried and laughed, reading her letter and discovering I also had a Nephew Carl who is 10. I flew over to meet her Nov 2nd 2007, It was so unreal we kept staring at each other and the likeness was uncanny. I now have my sister and life is great. Lesley Anne Misquitta, Canada

Dr James researched his non-fiction novel

I have recently published a book dealing with the lives and death of seven men - three brits, three French and a senegalese. I tracked down the grandson of one of the brits, the son of another by using 192.com and in the end I was able to send a copy of the book to a journalist who praised the work for its research thanks to 192.com's excellent service. Dr Anthony Kim James

Pam found her close friend from college after 20 years

I used 192.com last year to trace a girl I shared a room with when we were at college in the mid 70s. I lost touch with her 19 years ago and as we'd been so close it was very sad. I'd been to various reunions in the hope of bumping into her or talking to someone who had her contact details but to no avail. I even drove round to the last address I had for her to see if the residents had a forwarding address for her but still no luck. Imagine my delight when I saw her name on the electoral register, I was convinced it was her as it showed her living there 2 years before with her husband. I decided to ring up and ask if it was in fact her. As soon as I heard her voice I knew it was Val, the funny thing is that she recognized my voice too. We talked for about an hour and since then have got together for a weekend, joined Facebook together (great fun) and msn message each other 2 or 3 times a week. Thanks to 192.com I've found my great friend again. Pamela Morgan

Monica found her husband's old Navy buddy

I first met my husband Eddie in 1961, while he was serving in the Royal Navy and I in the Women's Royal Naval Service. We were at a training establishment at the time and a group of four of us became good friends, the two men having been good pals from the same part of Cheshire for some time. As happens in Service life we were sent to different parts of the world and lost contact, messages we sent to each other never catching up with us. We married and we divorced. I had used 192.com for some time for contacting friends. In 2002, while living in France, I heard on a TV programme talk of a "rival" site, Friends Reunited, and decided to look up old school friends. Totally by chance while in contact with an old colleague and both looking for another lost friend, I came across Eddie's details. Cutting a long story short, off went the "how are you" e-mail, we spoke on the phone regularly, he came out to visit me and moved here some weeks later. We married in 2006, nearly 50 years after we first met. Eddie greatly missed his goog Navy pal, Alan, and had been unable to find him (although he passed him once in a car in Manchester but was unable to stop!). I decided as a "Christmas Gift" to Eddie in 2002 that I would try to find Alan. This is where 192.com is so useful. I wrote to all the people with the same surname living in Alan's original home village in Cheshire. Luckily one was Alan's nephew who kindly passed on my letter to his uncle. What a lovely "192.com" surprise when a very bemused Alan telephoned Eddie! They had actually been living in the same area for some years. We were able to visit Alan and his wife several times but, although always in great spirits, Alan was not in good health. Sadly, he died last year. We know that for a few years the visits and phone calls, the re-living good old times together, were as happy and amusing to Alan as they were to my husband Eddie and myself. Couldn't have done it without 192.com. Monica Stanley

Dave found his daughter

I used 192.com and have now been able to get in touch with my 17 year old daughter who I had not seen for approx 8 years. Dave Moran

Margaret traced her sister and her roots

My sister and I were united (not reunited - we'd never met!) about 18 months ago. I had been adopted in the 1950's and used all kinds of tools to trace my roots, amongst which was 192.com. Margaret Fiddes

Marilyn found her son's father and half brothers and sister

I found my Sons Father after loosing contact 18 years ago through your site. I had been looking for months and once I registered with you found him in a week. I found out that he had married and was living in the Dorset then I discovered that he had three children. My son was an only child and had lost his Stepfather who passed away in 2003 so was trying to look for his roots. I have since had at my sons Birthday party a re-union and he met his 18 year old half Brother and his twin brother and sister who are 13 years old. My Son is now 22 so they have found their older Brother. It is early days but they have met up several times over the last 3 months and at least he has the chance now to have a relationship with his Father and siblings. Marilyn Diack

Bill traced his wife's family

My wife found her lost family in 2002 with the help of the on line information sites including 192.com. She grew up as an orphan in Ireland, both north and south. We traced her birth family to Northern Ireland and discovered an entire family including step sisters and extended family. The reunion was a happy one. Bill Wornes, Canada

Barbara found her second cousins

I was able to contact second cousins in suburban Glasgow prior to my visit in August, 2007 via 192.com. Due to my genealogy research, I already had these cousins' names and dates of birth. Finding their mailing addresses via the 192.com website was very helpful. Barbara Gardner, Cincinnati

Tony has traced a number of relatives

I have recently traced a number of relatives via 192.com. Tony Morgan

Susan traced the English roots and found her living relations all the way from Australia

Using the resources on the 192.com site I have connected with my family after many generations (and even more years) of not knowing them. My great grandfather left a well to do, prosperous family in England to embark on a voyage to Australia as a midshipman in about 1878. He stayed in Australia and started my branch of the family. We always knew there was something "different" about us, notwithstanding that we did not know very much about the roots of our English ancestor, nor his lovely family. However, to cut a (very interesting) long story short, I have now connected with descendants and have been able to visit and stay with them, get to know them, recognise family traits and resemblances and (best of all) see the original family portraits in their possession, some of which date back to the 1500s. Absolutely fantastic! Susan Hunter Gandy, Perth Australia

Sue traced old school friends

I have managed to trace over 25 girls I went to school with using various methods including 192.com. We are having a reunion for our 60th year in May. Sue Perry

Rufina found her half sisters

I have found family (half sisters) through information from 192.com as well as other sources of information. Rufina Humphris

Richard organised his Regiment's reunion

I have organised a reunion of the Veterans of The 1/3rd East Anglian Regt who served in Malaya from 1959 to 1962. This year is the 50th birthday of our very short lived regiment it was born June 2nd 1958 then turned into the now famous Royal Anglian Regt in 1964. Richard Faulkner

Michael traced old boys from the London Choir School

I am currently putting together an anthology of school life and memories of pupils of The London Choir School. The school was founded in its modern form in the 1920's and supplied choirs to many prominent London Churches as well as providing choirs for films and other functions. Sadly the school closed in June 1958 and 50 years later this tribute is now being complied. I have used 192.com to trace some old boys and will continue to do so. Michael Norris

Jill found her brother who never knew she existed

76 yrs ago, I was given up for adoption. Subsequently, my biological parents stayed together and had 12 more children. I was a very happy little girl, and did not know anything. My adoptive parents were wonderful. I wanted for nothing. I found out about my real parent's in 1974. I was already a grandmother of one, and a mother of two. When I realised that I had blood brothers a sisters, I wanted to find them. However my adoptive mother was still alive, and I did not want to hurt her. She died in 1987, and my search began. I found 2 sisters and kept looking for my 6 brothers. Unfortunately, two had died but last year I found my 67 year old brother Keith. He never knew I existed. We can now talk together by phone thanks to 192.com. I am now looking for more of my family. Jill Howsham

Heather organised her 40 year school reunion

I organised a 40-year school reunion in Devon in July and have used 192.com many times to ascertain the addresses - or last known addresses - of those that I wanted to trace. We have this reunion every 10 years and this year it is coinciding with the 350th anniversary of the founding of the school. When I organised the first reunion in 1978 many parents of the girls I was trying to trace were still alive and living in the area and could be found in the phone book, so tracing their daughters wasn't difficult. Over the years, however, it has become more and more difficult because women marry, change their names, divorce, change their names, parents die etc. The internet and 192.com has transformed the way I trace people over the past 40 years. In July we should have over 20 from our Class of '68 at the school along with many other Old Girls celebrating the 350th anniversary. Heather Godwin

Leigh traced a number of family members

Our family have a very (and that's no understatement) long list of reunions that have been helped by 192.com. Leigh Davis

Ian organised a reunion for his hall of residence

I organised a reunion last year for people who had entered Plynlymon Hall - a hall of residence at Aberystwyth University - in September 1956. Through various channels, including 192.com, I found over 20 of the lads and 18 of us got together in Aber. We may have been 50 years older but our beer skills hadn't changed. Ian Williams

Jean found a relative she'd lost touch with

I lost touch with my relative about twelve years ago. I just wanted you to know that I used 192.com and in no time at all, I had her address. I wrote to her at the beginning of last week. She called me on Thursday evening. I'm so happy and I thank 192.com so much. Jean Ewen

Justine organised her 15th wedding anniversary with a special surprise for her mum

I used the people finder service as my husband, Iain, and I are having a party in May for our 15th Wedding Anniversary and had a few invites that needed posted to some people we don't see very often. Anyway I went on to 192.com registered & bought credits & could not believe how easy it was to find what I was looking for. I got the addresses I needed & sent out the invites, which was good but not the best bit. One of the people I sent an invite to is an old friend of my Mums & she has not seen since her & her family moved to Burnley in 1986. Now Glenys and I are back in touch & my Mum does not know this yet because we are keeping it as a surprise as Glenys & her husband Andrew are coming up to Edinburgh for the party & I'm hopeful that when my Mum walks into the hall on the night Glenys & Andrew will already be sitting there. Justine Kay, Edinburgh

Peter traced his work colleagues from the sixties

About 4 years ago I decided to attempt to trace my colleagues and friends from Provincial Laundry in Didsbury. I had always loved my early working life there but I had left in the late sixties and the Laundry had long since been demolished. Apart from my best friend of 58 years I had seen or heard nothing of anyone from Provincial and it had long ceased to trade. I, by this time had been a Private Detective and was obviously aware of 192.com. Using your facility I was able to trace some 10 of my former workmates and bosses and unfortunately ascertained who had died and who was still around. We all met for a reunion at a Conservative Club in Didsbury, had a great night chatting about old times and took lots of photos. Peter Houghton, Warrington

Bromley, now living in Australia, found all of his old schools friends

I used the 192.com service to contact old school friends whom I was at school with 45 years ago. Believe it or not I made contact with everybody and we had a reunion party at the Treggena Castle hotel, St Ives Cornwall. I live in the Sunshine coast in Australia and since then I have had visits from some of my friends and 1 couple have emigrated here. Bromley Bland, Australia

Margaret found a childhood friend

I have made contact with an old friend using 192.com - we met when I was a fortnight old! We then went on to become school friends and holiday companions and stayed friends until we were both about 22 years of age. I managed to track her down and we met again, (in fact we stayed with them and are stopping with them again on our return trip to the UK in May) for the first time in November 2007 after being out of contact for 50 years. My friend Sylvia lives in Vancouver, Canada with her husband and I live in Hampshire, England although at present my partner and I spend 6 months in the UK and 6 months in Auckland, New Zealand where my son and his family have emigrated. Margaret Woodgate

Bill found an old friend and his old science teacher's family

I have connected up with old friends using 192.com. I found an old work colleague and fanatic motor sport fan through tracing him on 192.com. We had lots to talk about and since I hadn't seen him for at least thirty years, it was non stop chatter. We seem to enjoy so many things in common in the past. Just a great situation I enjoyed immensely. The second person I traced was a bit different - my old science teacher at school. Although he had passed away I spoke to his son who I knew very well in past. The head science teacher at our school was always trying to make life interesting for all the pupils. I often wondered what happened to him and his son over the years. He had moved into the city of Edinburgh and I lost touch. When I started using 192.com I soon traced the family and made contact by telephone. My old teacher's son also went on to become a senior science teacher in Edinburgh University. I was delighted that I found out about the family and explained how my old science teacher had affected my life. We have had more chats on the phone and have mutually agreed we had a very special science teacher at my school. 192.com has been immensely useful to me. I found out about 192.com on my ex employees website. An ex colleague had recommended it to everyone as a great tool which it most certainly is. Thank you for a great service and all the many new features you continue improve. Bill Shanks

Ann traced her birth aunt

My mother died 2 years ago and I recently discovered that she had been adopted when she was 11 years old. I had always believed she was an only child but have since found that she had 5 other siblings. Through 192.com I traced her sister, now 83 and have since visited her. Ann Jarvis

Grace found her cousin after 56 years

I found my cousin that I hadn't seen or heard from since her wedding 56 years ago. The only information I had was that she had married a Welshman called Dai Jones and lived in Whitemill in south Wales. Through paying to use 192.com I was able to find a neighbour of their nephew, who in turn rang me and gave me their new address. We have since rang each other and caught up on family news. We still laugh at the fact that I was looking for someone called Jones in South Wales and found them ! Needle in a hay stack comes to mind. Thank you 192.com. Grace Hill, 74

John found his lost brothers and aunt

I used 192 to find lost brothers and a missing auntie, I was adopted from being young and i wanted to know who my family really was... I very happy this site is here because without it i wouldn't have found them. John Burrows

Ivor found his son after 42 years

My experience was tracing my Son who I had not seen for 42years! With my daughters and your site we found him. He was a Sergeant technician in the R.A.F. 14 MILES AWAY? It has been a wonderful reunion, meeting often and now he has retired, we talk at least every Sunday. But we have since shared some great moments. One wish is that I could see my g/child playing football. He plays for Peterborough United`s Youth team and they are impressed. I am 78 now so time is very precious. Ivor Fisher, Witney

Geoff found his second and third cousin

I have been putting together the family tree. Recent memory of my mother and her sisters about the existence and whereabouts of one of their first cousins and offspring led to a more intense investigation of BMD data and for more recent studies, 192.com. It's not particularly amazing to discover 2nd cousins that you didn't know existed but in this case I found an unknown 2nd cousin living 1 mile away. All the more surprising when we were both born in different parts of the UK and ended up living in Porthcawl. And then we realised that one of my daughter's friends at school was in fact her 3rd cousin. Geoff Hunt

Bill traced his parent's family tree

After being sent to an orphanage at a very young age, I researched my mother's life story and my father's family tree and possible death in WWII, using 192.com and other agencies. Bill Heatley

Jade found her husband's siblings

I used 192.com to try to trace my husbands family, mainly his brother and sister that he had not seen since he was 7 as he had been adopted out of the family (he is now 40). Thanks to 192.com (which is very straightforward to use) I found his sisters address, and wrote to her, within a week I got a reply from his brother as she had moved a couple of months earlier, but if it wasn't for 192.com I wouldn't have known where to look. Jade

Linda helped friends find adopted children

We have been using your system to try and find info on adopted children from the sixties. We have used your service and found it very helpful. Linda Willis

Sian has traced 70 of her classmates

The Dover Grammar Schools (Boys and Girls) are holding a joint Reunion for the 1974 intake in June this year. (We are now 44/45!!!) I am responsible for the Girls and together with my school friend we have managed to contact over 70 of our year (out of about 110) not bad for a Grammar School intake of our year particularly as most women change their names. We have done it mainly through using 192.com, using directory enquiries, electoral rolls and marriage certificates, plus some other methods. Sian McEwan

Maggie found her father

I found my dad after 39 years via 192.com. Maggie Smith

David found an old friend

An old friend with whom I had shared a house in Malaya in 1958-60 said he had come across the name of another friend from those days with whom I had shared a boat. He thought he now lived somewhere in Essex. I had not seen or heard from him since 1961. I "192'ed " him and immediately got his address and phone number. We met a couple of weeks later. Brilliant! David H Sacof

Lauri traced her living relatives

I did use your service to find a relative I have never met .We are trying to get to together. I live in Canada and my mother and other relatives were from Ireland. My mother passed away at 51 a few years ago suddenly. I only had some names of relatives and an idea of were they resided. I was able to locate one that I am looking forward to meeting. This meeting is very exciting for me as these are family members I have never had an opportunity to know or met. My mother's entire family has passed away. Lauri Wachtler

Jan found friend from her younger days

I come from Poole, Dorset and have lived in Darwin, Northern Territory in Australia for 38 years. 21 of the times that I have been Home, I haven't caught up with anyone from my younger days (school friends, work mates etc.). However since joining Friends reunited and 192.com, I have been in touch with about 15 people that I grew up with. I came to the UK in 2005 and some of the boys that I went to school with had a reunion dinner in my honour and it was so wonderful to catch up and meet their wives and chat about the old days. Jan Ganley, Australia

Andy organised his parent's 25th wedding anniversary

I used 192.com a few years back with great success to trace ex work mates for my mum and dad's 25th Wedding Anniversary. Andy Turner

Maggie complete her family tree after discovering living relatives

I am researching my Family Tree and came across the marriage of a younger sister of my Great Grandfather only to find that she had married a Grocer from Bristol. I could not find her children, until I found a John Stringer Owens, must be mine, Stringer being the family Surname. To cut a long story short, I tried to bring everything forward to see if there were any cousins in Bristol, so using 192.com online first hit - Bingo - found a cousin Brian Temple Owens who I have met and he has given me photographs of Mary Ann who I did not know had settled in Bristol. Magic? No 192.com! Maggie Stringer

Wanda found her cousin for the first time

Only for using 192.com was I able to contact my cousin that I never knew existed. Our fathers were taken in by the Salford Children's Rescue society in 1930 and never met again as they were split up - 2 boys to Didsbury and the other 2 to Rochdale. Then the war came. I have so far only been able to trace one brother and the brother I found died in 1996. I found his daughter by using 192.com. Wanda Pimbley

Peter traced the old residents of his local area from the fifties and sixties

In 2001, a couple of letters were published in the Rossendale Free Press. Rossendale is an area about 16 miles north of Manchester. The letters detailed what it was like to live in a few streets in an area called Woodcroft. The couple of letters brought more letters, and I decided that it would be a good idea to try to trace all the people who had lived in the area in the 50s and 60s. We would have a Reunion!

I bought a copy of 192.com and set about trying to find people. The local newspaper published letters and articles about the reunion, and people contacted me with names of other people that they would like to see again. I found a LOT of people using 192.com. In the end, over 100 people attended… and we had a tearful, joyful, magical day! A lot of people brought photographs, and I was able to scan these in to the computer. These are all available to see on the Internet. Without 192.com, I would not have been able to find so many people! Peter Fisher

Rachel traced the long lost mother of one of her elderly patients

I am a volunteer with an Advocacy Service in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. Last summer I was contacted by a local residential home that houses people with learning difficulties. One of their female residents (age about 45) had been diagnosed with cancer and the home felt that it would be really good if her family could be traced. The home knew very little about the lady's background and there had been no contact with any family whilst the lady had lived there (about 13 years). The only possible link was that the home had an address of someone they believed to be the lady's sister. The address was in Locherbie, Scotland and the home had written to the address and got no response - they wondered whether the sister had moved. I used 192.com to see whether there was anyone in Locherbie with the same name as the sister - there was, but not at the address that the home had written to. I wrote to the new address (found on 192.com) to ascertain whether this was the lady's sister, and if so, whether she wanted to be involved. To my delight I received a phone call the next day ... not from the sister, but from the mother, who was not dead as presumed, but is elderly. The following week the mother came down from Scotland to Harrogate to be reunited with her daughter who she had not seen for more than twenty five years. I believe that since then the lady has been reunited with her three brothers and two sisters. I am told that the lady's face lit up when she saw mum and instantly recognised her. Mum brought photos of the lady's brothers and sisters with her and they all looked similar to my lady! Rachel Smith, Advocacy Service, Harrogate

Chris traced his father

Dear 192.com, using your service I was able to get in touch with my father after 9 years without contact. Many thanks. Chris Bullen

Sharon found her siblings and extended family

I was put up for adoption at 6 weeks old and after a few years of searching was finally reunited with my sister and then 2 brothers and "very" extended family in Leeds after searching for my sister on 192.com. We are all now very much a family and keep in contact regularly either by phone, through email or visiting. We have even been on holiday to Spain with my sister and her husband. Sharon Lyons

Kylie found her mother-in-law's brother

I used 192.com to find my mother-in-law's brother who was adopted as a child. My mother-in-law made contact and they were reunited in December last year. Kylie McBride, South Australia

Heather found family they hadn't spoken to since the sixties

I have been researching my family tree on and off for a few years now and last year I thought I would use 192.com to see if I could find some cousins on the electoral role. I found two people with the same name and same husbands name so sent a letter to both of them and within a week I had a phone call from one of the ladies concerned who was my cousin Margaret who lives in Glasgow. We had lost contact with that side of the family back in the late 1960's. Since then we have been emailing each other on a regular basis. Heather Thorpe, Perth, Australia

Liz found old school friends

We are now a group of previously Infant & Junior School children, who met up again after 42 years, having spent 6 years together before splitting for Senior Schools. I spent many a happy hour searching for pupils on 192.com who had long since disappeared, but a core group meet up now twice a year, in June and at Christmas in December. I'm glad we made the effort or would have missed out on our deceased friends. Amazing how well we all get on too! Sadly you cannot turn back the clock so happily we hadn't left it too late, and are hopeful of contacting others to join us too. Liz Brewer

Kevin traced 20 of his old army buddies

In 1970 at the age of 15 I joined the Army and spent the first two of many happy years at the Army Apprentices College Chepstow, in the intake group (70 C Coy) there was a total of 38 young lads, during the time at Chepstow strong friendship's were forged, we all left there in August 1972 and were all posted to different units, although I spent a further 12 years in the army I never again met up with any of the lads. In November 2005 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and as a direct result of this I decided that I would try to contact my old friends with a view to possibly organizing a reunion. You will realise that trying to trace 37 people who I had no contact with since 1972 was going to be a difficult task to say the least, I only had a photograph taken in 1972 with the names of my old friends, even trying to remember where they originated from was difficult. I turned to the internet and in particular 192.com and as a result to date I have managed to trace 20 of my old friends, Not all of them have been found through your company but the hardest to trace so far have been found as a direct result of 192.com. We are now hoping to have a reunion in October of this year, saying that there is still a further 17 of the old lads to trace and my search continues but without your website I would not have been able to make contact with some of the lads that I have so far. Kevin Rivers

Sharon found her father

I found my dad after 35 years using 192.com - he was 12 miles up the road! Sharon Thornton

Lindsay traced former classmates

I have been tracing my old school pupils for 4 years. The school, Scotus Academy, Edinburgh, started in September 1953, and closed in July 1978. Some 1270 pupils attended during its time. I used my contacts in Edinburgh, Friends Reunited, and then 192.com, also using this media to look up old addresses for parents who were still alive. I have now contacted over 600 of the Former Pupils, but I still am searching for the rest. Lindsay Wilson, California

Eileen found her husband's half brother after 72 years

I found my husbands half brother. He was an illegitimate child so was adopted as soon as he was born. When my husband turned 72, I started tracing his family via 192.com armed just with his surname. I found his half brother and they are now building a strong relationship. His brother was also able to give my husbands insight into family members he never knew including his mother. Eileen Brady, 78

Kathryn discovered a whole new side of her family

My maiden name is Blackrock and we have been trying desperately to find out about my father's family but with little or no information. However, we were looking for records and found a telephone record for a Gladys Blackrock who I had assumed was my grandmother but then realised that she had not had a telephone - maybe a bit stupid - so we rang the number and found out that it was the number for a nursing home and they kindly put us in contact with her daughters. Since finding this out we have met Robert and Gladys daughters Gloria and Sandra who would have been my father's cousins and discovered a wide extended family that we never knew about previously. I am now in the process of tracing the family line and via census records have found some information back to the early 1800's which I am now following up in the hope that I can also contact descendants of my great grandfather's siblings who would I presume still be Blacklock's. Kathryn Mitchell

Marion traced her family tree

I have used 192.com for tracing family to create my family tree. Marion Webb

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