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Seventies sweethearts go Dutch

Two pen-pals have reunited after for 30 years apart. The 1970s friends found each other after a web-search on, the UK's leading people-finding website. Read full story »

Sussex soldiers reunite after 50 years

Three soldiers have reunited in Eastbourne after 50 years apart thanks to the sleuthing skills of a World War 2 D-Day veteran. Read full story »

Irene Williams from Howden Le Wear is reuniting with her uncle after a 20 year search

Irene Williams, 63, from Howden Le Wear fulfilled her Father's dying wish to find her uncle, reuniting with him after a 20 year search in December 2010. Read full story »

The 25-anniversary tap-dance reunion at the Pelsal Community Centre

A mother and son dance-duo reunited missing dancers at the 25-anniversary tap-dance reunion at the Pelsal Community Centre on September 16, 2011. Read full story »

Finding a long lost brother-in-law

Brian, 75, from Rugby used to find his brother-in-law, Robert estranged from his family for over 30 years. Read full story »

1960s Veterans of RAF Brize Norton reunite

Air Traffic Controllers who served at RAF Brize Norton in the late 1960's reunited for the first time in October 2011, thanks to, which helped organisers track missing wing-men. Read full story » instrumental in Rock and Roll reunion

Ending half a century apart, reunited Martin Murray, rhythm guitarist in 60's hit group The Honeycombs, with an old friend, Neville Bird. Read full story »

Transatlantic Cousins reunite after 50 years

Shiela Kelly, 68, from Canada used to find her long-lost British cousin who she last saw in 1958 at a wedding in the UK. Read full story »

Finding Dad

Adam, from Wales used the edited electoral rolls on to find his Father, reuniting in time for Christmas, 2010. Read full story »

Mamma Mia!

Fallan, 22, from Kent found her Father thanks to a search on Read full story »

Finding missing generations

Jack, 86, used to find a cousin he never knew about. Read full story »

Christmas with my Sister

Lynsey, 23 from Southampton reunited for Christmas with her half-sister, thanks to Read full story »

Dad walked me up the aisle thanks to

Marie, found her Father on, just in time for him to walk her up the aisle. Read full story »

Lost love reunited on Valentine's Day

Mary, traced her sister's school crush, Kevin. Subsequently, Mary's sister, Julie, married Kevin on Valentine's Day, 2011 Read full story »

Tracing ex-servicemen

World War II Veteran, Robin Brown uses to reunite missing ex-servicemen and old friends. Read full story »

Finding my brother

Ruth 66, found her brother on reuniting after years of searching. Read full story »

A Family United

Read how Francesca discovered a side of the family she never knew existed. Read full story »

Reunited with my old Best Friend

Read how Ajmar found her best friend after more then 20 years. Read full story »

A very merry Christmas with

Read how Nikki was reunited with her family in time for Christmas. Read full story »

A Christmas Family Reunion

Read how Jo will be spending her first Christmas with her father's family after 20 years! Read full story »

Reunited with long lost cousins

Read how Christine traced her family after 50 years. Read full story »

Reunited with my birth mother after 65 years

Read how Susan finally got the opportunity to meet her mother and half brothers. Read full story »

Mother’s Day Special

Mother & son reunited after almost 55 years!. Read full story »

I found my boyfriend's father

Read how Trish traced a missing dad after 30 years. Read full story »

Together again for New Year

Read how a brother & sister were reunited after 50 years. Read full story »

A Family Reunion - Just in Time for Christmas

Read how Sue traced her aunt and cousins after 30 years. Read full story »

Brothers Reunited

Read how Michael found his only brother using Read full story »

The Faley's Mega Family Reunion

Read how Peter Faley organised a reunion of 160 family members. Read full story »

Relative Values

Read how an Australian grandmother traced her British roots. Read full story »

Veterans Reunited

Read how one ex-serviceman used to get in touch with friends from his regiment. Read full story »

Searching for a Memory Stories

More reunited stories from Gill Whitley, who's work includes tracing long lost friends & family. Read full story »