Check your date!

Protect yourself from online dating fraud

Online dating is a brilliant way of meeting new people and looking for true love, but like everything in life it is not without its pitfalls and dangers.

Unfortunately the very popularity of these services has attracted a new breed of fraudsters who will tell lies to gain your affection and trust before seeking to extract money from you on various pretences.

If things are getting serious, or you're unsure whether someone is telling you the whole truth about themselves, you can get a measure of reassurance by running a check on them and ordering a Background Report.

Background Report Search – Check Your Date!


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Address's top tips for safe online dating:

  • Choose an online dating service that suits you – ask friends for a recommendation
  • Be very selective about the personal information that you provide
  • If someone asks you for money, however convincing the story, they are probably lying
  • Never hand over bank or credit card details
  • While social media can provide some reassurance, be aware that profiles can be faked
  • If you're meeting someone, it's safest to do so somewhere public at least for a first date
  • Always let a friend know where you're going and who you're meeting
  • If it seems too good to be true, it probably is!

Good luck, and don't forget that you can always Check Your Date with a Background Report!

Background Report features:

  • Full Address
  • Telephone Numbers*
  • Co Occupants
  • Neighbours
  • Age Guide
  • Up to 5 Previous Addresses
  • Property Ownership/Prices**
  • 2002-2020 Edited Electoral Registers
  • Current & Past Directorships
  • Disqualified Directors
  • Alive or Dead Status
  • Insolvency Register**
  • County Court Judgments**
  • Significant Shareholdings
  • Company Financials
  • Downloadable PDF

*Where available
**Not Available for Scotland and Northern Ireland