Partnership with: Central Index has partnered with Central Index to manage all user-generated business listings on Central Index has enormous experience and expertise in this area and provides rich business listings to hundreds of UK directories, including The Evening Standard and The Mirror, plus hundreds of local newspaper directories, as well as By partnering with Central Index, we are able to offer businesses a single point at which they can manage and enhance their online presence to millions of potential customers. Please note that the previous system for editing business listings on is no longer available. User listings not added or claimed under the new system at Central Index have now been removed from our search and service, in order to ensure that we do not publish outdated information.

Verification fees

As part of the improved network, and in today’s world of increased security, it’s important that you VERIFY your listing when you claim it on Central Index. As part of this you will be required to pay a small monthly fee that will give you ongoing VERIFIED status on your listing, plus ensure you have access to all the benefits of the Central Index admin portal. You will be given details when you claim or add your listing, but this small fee allows us to know that you are an ongoing business concern and to maintain the excellent services provided by the platform.