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Brothers Reunited using 192.com

Michael Knight, a forensic IT consultant, has been using 192.com since the site's launch back in 2000. He continues to use it to this day as an important identity verification and people tracing tool.

This story dates back a few years when, at a regular family gathering, Michael looked around and saw everyone enjoying themselves - everyone except his brother who he had lost contact with a decade earlier.

“I'd moved to Northern Ireland 11 years ago and during that time my brother had also moved. By the time I got back, no one knew where he had gone. Over the years I'd checked the phonebooks and tried old friends to see if they knew where he was but no luck. But on this day, I decided it was time to start looking seriously to find my brother.”

“As a regular user of 192.com for business purposes, I knew I could use the site to find people. So as soon as I got home from the family gathering, I searched for him on 192.com. I searched just with his name initially and to my surprise the first result in the list was for the town he used to live in. In fact, the address was only 2 doors down from his last address. It had to be him!”

Because Michael could search the Electoral Roll on 192.com, he had access to his brother's full address details straight away. He wrote to his brother and not longer after that his brother called him back, very pleased to hear from him. Michael then met his niece for the first time (in fact he hadn't even known he was an uncle to this point) and the brothers now see each other all the time.

Another great reunion story from 192.com!

For more information on Michael Knight visit his blog.

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