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Lost love reunited on Valentine's Day

Mary, 50 of Falmouth used 192.com to reunite her sister-in-law Julie with her first love Kevin. Subsequently the couple got married on Valentine's Day, 2010.

Julie has moderate learning difficulties; and has always needed a bit of help from Mary.

One day over a cup of tea Mary asked Julie if she would like to get out and meet someone or just to socialise a bit more. In an email of thanks to 192.com, Mary takes over the story:

"Julie said that she would really like to find this chap from years ago. She knew his name and the area where he lived last so I popped that in 192.com and he came up.

"I put a short letter together apologising if he was married but if he were single, would he like to get in touch? I gave him Julie's mobile number explaining that she would like to see him.

"Every day bless her she put her phone on the side in the kitchen while she worked in case she missed his call.

"Then one day I pulled up on my driveway from shopping and she hurtled herself at me yelling that he had called and they were meeting up. They moved into their home together last April and have booked their wedding for Valentine's Day, the daughter loves him and calls him Dad! Well done 192.com!"

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Julie and Mary
Julie and Mary