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Together Again for New Year Celebrations

How a brother and sister were reunited after 50 years!

Last Christmas, while her mother-in-law was visiting family in the UK, Kylie took on the challenge of searching for her mother’s long-lost brother. Kylie lives in South Australia so she needed a way to find people online. She turned to 192.com and with the help of relatives in the UK managed to reunite the brother and sister after almost 50 years apart. This is her story…

“My mother-in-law was separated from her brother at a very young age. While they had had contact from time to time during their childhood, she hadn’t seen her brother since she was 25. Now at the age of 71, she was eager to find him again.

I had searched unsuccessfully for years to find him. I had applied for a birth certificate but we were still unsure of his adopted family name. Eventually I tracked down a marriage certificate for him, which at least gave me a general location for him but it dated back to the 1960's. This is where I hit a stumbling block, until I came across 192.com.

When I found I could access Electoral Rolls on 192.com, I thought well… just maybe… and to my surprise I found someone by his surname in the area listed on his marriage certificate.

There was an address but no phone number as he had an unlisted number. My mother-in-law was in Scotland at the time visiting her daughter so I rang her and said I had found an address. She was very excited but as we still weren’t totally sure it was him we sent him a letter just before Christmas.

Well, he rang her as soon as he received the letter – they were both so shocked!  He travelled to Scotland for the New Year Celebrations to be with her and spent 3 days up there.

I was excited that all my hard work and long hours paid off!!! I was annoyed I didn’t find your site earlier as they could have been in contact ages ago!!!”

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I had searched unsuccessfully for years to find him - said Kylie
I had searched unsuccessfully for years to find him - said Kylie