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Irene Williams from Howden Le Wear is reuniting with her uncle after a 20 year search

Irene Williams, 63, from Howden Le Wear fulfilled her Father's dying wish to find her uncle, reuniting with him after a 20 year search in December 2010.

The family had not seen Oswald Amos since 1960. When Irene reunited with Mr Amos, now 92, she said it was an emotional experience:

"He was crying, as he thought he had no family left, it was wonderful to see him after all these years," said Mrs Williams.

In August 12 of this year, the day after his birthday, Mr Amos returned to Crook to meet his long lost family. This including Irene's sister who had not seen Oswald Amos since 1953. During the reunion, described by Irene as 'lovely' Mr Oswald also made an emotional visit to his brother's grave.

Mrs Williams started researching her family tree 20 years ago and although she traced her ancestors back to the 17th century, she had difficulty finding Oswald. When her Father Alfred Amos died 12 years ago she vowed to succeed. "The week he died, he said 'are you going to keep on looking for Uncle Oswald?' recalled Mrs Williams.

"Three years ago, I bought a computer and thought if Oswald's still alive he must be on the electoral roll,' she said. I went on 192.com and found he was living in Leeds. He was ex-directory but I found a telephone number of one of his neighbours, who put us in touch."

Dominic Blackburn, Product Director of 192.com said: "192.com reunites thousands of families a year. We are delighted Irene used our unique service of supplying neighbours contact details to bring her search to a successful conclusion."

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