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Finding Dad

In December 2010, 192.com received a thank you email from Adam, aged 25. Adam was spending his first Christmas with his Father, after tracing him on 192.com. It was the first Christmas the pair had spent together since Adam was four years old.

In 1989, Adam's family were living in Dorset. When his parents separated, Adam went to live with his Mother in Wales.

Adam had always wanted to get back in contact with his Father but had very little information about where he was, and assumed he had started a new life without him.

After Adam's Mother died in 2006, Adam then 21, resolved to find his Father. In October 2010 Adam went back to Dorset to ask the locals who knew him where his Dad might have gone. Adam learnt that he had left the area in 2003, but had little information to act on.

In his email to 192.com, Adam writes: "On the train home it suddenly dawned on me that I should try and search the electoral register and this is where 192.com came up! So I used the search facility and found his name and location within minutes, I quickly paid the fee required to gain the exact address and phone number.

"It took some courage but some days later I phoned the house line and spoke to my Father for the first time in 21 years! He was overjoyed to hear from me and I soon visited him the following weekend. It was surreal to finally see him and shake his hand. We talked for hours and I had my first pint with him and couldn't believe that I was having a drink with my Dad! He's now invited me down for Christmas and I have siblings and other family members I never knew about who have all now come into my life.

"Thank you 192.com, you have made a huge difference to my life and we wouldn't have been reunited without you!"

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Adam and long lost Dad
Adam and long lost Dad