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Dad walked me up the aisle thanks to 192.com

Marie never knew who her Father was. She had conflicting accounts of him, and suspected that he may not even be alive.

While she was preparing for her wedding, Marie decided that she didn't want to put 'Father unknown' on the Wedding Certificate.

"Armed with his name and last known location, I managed to track him down using 192.com," she said.

"One letter and a nervous phone call later, I finally managed to meet my Father. He assumed the roll of a protective father immediately, which was quite strange, as I'm a full grown women!

" My father and I are close now, and have developed an emotional connection. Most importantly for me, our reunion happened in time for my wedding and Dad walked me down the aisle.

"My parents even reconciled that day. It's lovely to have him back in my life and Christmas is definitely much more special now that he is around."

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Reunited in time for the wedding Photography: Mark Haywood
Reunited in time for the wedding