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Mother’s Day Special

Mother & son reunited after almost 55 years!

After Bryan’s adopted parents and his birth father passed way, he decided the time was right to find closure with the final person missing from his life, his birth mother. Bryan had been adopted by his aunt at the age of seven and had no idea what had happened to his mother after that. Although she had tried to contact him in the 1980’s, the time was not right then for him renew their relationship so they remained apart.

Bryan’s story begins, "Once I knew I could cause no offence to the family that had raised me by tracing my birth mother, I decided to contact the Salvation Army. Unfortunately they were unable to assist in my search however they did recommend I try 192.com. Through the exhaustive databases on the site, I was able to find the address of the right lady".

By searching the Director Reports on 192.com, Bryan managed to trace his mother after almost 55 years. 192.com has approximately 4 million people listed in it’s Director Reports detailing their name, age, address and nationality. Fortunately for Bryan, decades earlier his birth mother was made a director when ownership of the building that her flat belonged to was transferred from leasehold to freehold and so she was listed in 192.com’s Director Reports.

Bryan continued, "I first contacted my birth mother back in August and since then I have been to see her every week. We are getting along very well and enjoy lengthy conversations not only about the family but about many other subjects as well. She is 88 and although not too bright on her feet she is as sharp as a button".

"I am so glad I made the decision to try and find her and hopefully we will spend many a day making up for lost time. Having the opportunity to get to know my birth mother is just brilliant".

Because of his search last year, Bryan will now be able to spend Mother’s Day with his birth mother. Imagine that, after almost 55 years!

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Mother's Day Special
Mother's Day Special