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Memories of '66: German POW watches World Cup final Dangerous atmosphere when Germany scored, son says

1st of June 2010

Remembering the 1966 World Cup Final

"When Germany equalized in the 1966 World Cup final, Dad was the only one cheering, having kept quiet for the whole match", said Ken Doerr, of High Kinnerton.

"The room went silent. People started looking at him. They started asking who he was."

Heinz Kurt-Doerr, German Prisoner of war, didn't cheer again.

"He didn't try to leave in case this provoked a more aggressive reaction", explains his son, Ken, 54.

The people-finding website 192.com are reuniting the fans who witnessed England's 1966 World Cup victory. As part of their campaign, 192.com asked people to send in their World Cup memories.

Responding, Mr Doerr, of High Kinnerton, wrote to the website saying his father, Heinz, was a former German Prisoner of War who watched the 1966 final in North Wales.

Heinz Kurt-Doerr was working on a German Mine-Sweeper when he was captured by the Allies in Bordeaux in 1944. He was sent to work in the Wirral as farm-hand, meeting 17-year-old Joan who was working for the Women's Land Army, a civilian organization aiding agricultural production during the War.

"Heinz was very handsome. Of course it bothered me about who he was, but I stopped thinking about it when I got to know him", said Joan Doerr, now 84.

By 1966, the couple were married and holidaying in Tenby. Speaking to 192.com. Joan Doerr, said: "Heinz was going berserk because he couldn't watch the match. A lady at our caravan park suggested he go to a nearby house-party to watch it, advising him not to say anything."

Ken recalls his father celebrating Germanyâs equalizer, how the attention suddenly switched to Heinz, and how he nervously watched extra time.

"For him, it was a mixture of relief and sadness that Germany lost, his hosts' aggression now mellowed by joyous victory", said Mr Doerr.

Following the match there was a severe thunderstorm, which, according to Mr Doeer resulted in his mother and father spending time together in a tent.

Mr Doeer explains: "My Dad scored his own goal on July 30th 1966, discovered when my Mum gave birth to my brother nine months later."

Dominic Blackburn Product Director of 192.com said: "We're delighted with the response to our World Cup campaign and we're pleased this story had a positive outcome".

"We want the fans of 1966 to get back together for World Cup winning spirit. The best reunion wins a pub meal on us, watching England in action."

192.com are reuniting the fans of 1966 with World Cup legend George Cohen MBE. Mr Cohen was Vice Captain when England won the World Cup in 1966.

"Whenever I meet up with the German players some of them still say it wasn't a goal", said Mr Cohen.

"Winning a World cup is tough, mentally and physically, and it really helped to know the country were behind us. If you're not together you're apart, and I'm helping fans get back together with 192.com."


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Get ready to roar!

192.com and George Cohen MBE are urging friends and family who remember England's 1966 World Cup victory to get back together and roar the lads to victory in 2010. The best '66 reunion wins a meal on us watching a World Cup game. Learn more and share great World Cup moments at http://worldcup.192.com.

George Cohen MBE

George Cohen won 37 caps for England, vice captaining the side in the 1966 final. Described by Alf Ramsay as England's greatest right back, Cohen's forward runs gave Ramsay's side width, and set up England's decisive goal against Portugal in the semi-finals. His major contribution in the final was blocking the last minute free kick from Lothar Emmerich. Cohen is the only Fulham player to have won a World Cup while at the Cottagers. Cohen received an MBE in 2000, and in 2003, watched nephew Ben win the Rugby World Cup with England.

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