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3rd of November, 2015

Hunting for someone online?

There are many reasons you could want to find an address or phone number online, you might be planning a wedding and have lost contact with someone you really want there, or have lost contact with a group of old work colleagues you'd like to reconnect with. Perhaps you served in the military and want to track down old friends, or you are planning a school reunion it is likely you will be looking for their contact details.

To help people find who they are looking for online 192.com has created a useful flow chart and some top tips to help:

Dominic's Top Tips for finding someone online:

  • The more information you have the easier it is to find someone:

Age, location, family and friends all these things can make it easier for you to find someone online.

  • A picture is worth a thousand words:

When searching for a name with Google try using 'image search', you will be able to narrow down information on the person you are looking for, as long as you know what they look like.

  • What if they have married and changed name?

Try using 192.com's married registry tool in order to find people who may have married and changed their name.

  • Use the right tools for the job

Facebook will help you find friends of friends and social butterflies, LinkedIn will help you find business focused people, and 192.com will provide you with addresses and phone numbers of the person you are looking for.

  • Remember not everybody has social media:

It may be tempting to just do a search on social media, however up to 80% of over 60's don't have a social media profile and social media doesn't always have the information that you are looking for.

  • Google is a great starting place:

Remember when using Google to narrow down your results put in as much detail as you have, remember to always search in the UK. If you know their profession add that to the search e.g. "John Smith Builder Lincolnshire UK"

  • Remain positive and don't give up:

If you don't find the person you're looking for stay positive, keep coming back as people are joining social media every day and 192.com's data is regularly updated, just because you don't find them today doesn't mean you won't find them in the future.

  • Broaden your search:

If you can't find the exact person you are looking for try searching for a close relative or partners name if you know it you might be able to find someone else who lives in the same home.

Dominic Blackburn, online people search expert and Product director of 192.com commented; "We provide verified public data such as the phone number and address of the person you are looking for. Over the last 18 years our information has helped reunite millions of people with family and friends, it has also been used to help people protect themselves from fraud and verify identities.

Using information from other sources such as social media and Google can help you fill gaps in your knowledge and help give you a rounded overview of the person you are looking for."

Millions of people use 192.com every month for searching for contact details and are used by professionals to find people and verify identities; they are featured frequently on television shows such as Cowboy Builders and Heir Hunters. 192.com is also used by charities and professional people tracers.

Notes to editors:

Dominic Blackburn a UK based online people search and security expert and has over 24 years' experience working in digital directories. He available for interview and further comment, to arrange an interview please contact the press office on 0207 909 2151

For press information contact:

Simon Kelman, 192.com Press Office
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