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Christmas People Finder gives you the ‘Best Present Ever’

Thursday 20 November 08

192.com ready to reunite friends & family before Christmas day

The UK’s leading people finder, 192.com, knows that one of the best and most inexpensive gifts you can give this Christmas is to get back in touch with old friends and distant family. So the site has launched its new Christmas reunion page to help the UK public find anyone missing from their lives over this festive period: Christmas People Finder

One 192.com user who found her long-lost aunt using the site last year December said it was “the best Christmas present ever”. Such a wonderful family reunion can cost less than a pound with many records available for free on the site leaving users only having to pay for a phone call or to send a Christmas card to make the first contact.

192.com is the ideal site to find people as it searches the Electoral Roll as well as Directory Enquiries to give greater coverage of the UK population. This offers up to three times more coverage than the phonebook alone or social networking sites such as Facebook.

The UK sends over 1 billion Christmas cards every year. While everyone is watching what they spend this Christmas, it costs a relatively small amount to send friends and family a Christmas card and is truly in the spirit of the season.

Alastair Crawford, CEO of 192.com said, “We all know it’s nice to receive Christmas cards. If you haven’t spoken to someone all year, or even longer, sending a card now shows that you care and is a great way to stay in touch with people”.

He continued, “We estimate that thousands of friends and family are reunited through 192.com every year. Christmas is one of our busiest times as it’s the ideal time to send someone a card or give them a bell”.

To try it out for yourself visit 192.com’s Christmas People Finder.

About 192.com

192.com is the de facto standard search engine for finding people, business and places in the UK. Established in 1997 by Alastair Crawford, founder of UK-Info Disk and Wasabi.com, the multi award winning 192.com has over 5.5 million users accessing unequalled breadth and depth of data.

192.com searches over 640 million records including free directory enquiries, local business listings, interactive mapping, aerial photography and property reports. Its premium people finding service is #1 in the UK searching Electoral Rolls and Director Reports as well as Directory Enquiries. 192.com has a wealth of case studies to draw on with thousands of friends and family being reunited through the site every year.

For More Information

For more search advice and case studies available from the 192.com Press Office.

More Tips on Searching

  • Directory Enquiries (the same as the phonebook) are free to search on 192.com. But remember, Directory Enquiry listings are in the Bill Payer’s name only.
    • If you are searching for a couple, try searching for both names.
    • You will also need to specify a location with Directory Enquiries.
  • Over 60% of the UK are ex-directory. To help you find these people, 192.com also searches the Electoral Roll which allows you to search for:
    • Multiple adults per household
    • Refine your search by Likely Age
    • Refine your search by Other Household Occupants (e.g. spouse)
    • Search UK wide without having to specify a location

For more information contact the 192.com Press Office.