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9th of February, 2018

As Valentine's Day boosts online dating sign-ups, 192.com's "Check Your Date" background report helps protect you from nefarious daters

As Valentine's Day approaches, the number of people turning to online dating websites and apps always shoots up - which also means that more people become vulnerable to romance scams.

People-finding website 192.com has developed a fast and simple online tool to enable online daters to quickly verify the identity of possible online matches. "Check Your Date" helps daters prevent fraud and deception by providing people with insolvency records and county court judgments, revealing unpaid debts and credit issues. The mortality data provided will help expose identities stolen from the deceased, whilst address information will show details of where someone lives, has lived previously, and who with. This helps daters quickly expose if the person they are talking with has lied about their marital or relationship status.

Henry Phillips, Product Director at 192.com, commented:

"By putting the official record into public hands, 'Check Your Date' will offer protection from the deception that can occur whilst online dating, by making sure that the person you are talking to online is a real person, isn't a fraudster and doesn't have a hidden agenda."

Research conducted by 192.com[1] found that almost 50 per cent of people admitted to having fabricated fundamental aspects of their life, including: their address, age, relationship status, job and financial solvency.

The poll found that one in 10 fake their address, 18% change their age, 28% have not been truthful about their salary or debt, and that one in five had fabricated their online profile.

In addition Action Fraud reported that:

  • Fraud hits UK individuals for £9 billion.
  • In 2017 the cost of dating fraud was over £39 million.
  • National survey finds 45% of have been victims of a con.
  • 50% admit to disguising aspects of their personal profile online.
  • There were 3,889 victims of so-called romance fraud in 2016.

One victim of dating fraud, Jeremy, 32, from Brighton commented:

"It's hard to think the person who you are talking to online might not be a real person, once you have started engaging with them online it can be easy to forget that you haven't met them, however I've learned if you have any doubts you should check. Being able to check the person you are talking with is who they say they are will help put your mind at rest and will enable you to enjoy dating without the risks."

Henry Phillips added:

"192.com 'Check Your Date' will make people think twice before lying about themselves or lying to others online, we are not stopping people telling white lies to impress a date or stopping people claiming they are actually jazz music fans! Check Your Date will help prevent serious fraud and encourage a safer online environment. As a company with a history of reuniting people, this new service is about reassuring them."

'Check Your Date' is available by visiting 192.com's website.


  1. [1]The survey was conducted by One Poll. The nationally representative sample was of 2000 adults, with responses broken up by age, gender and location.


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