Removal of Personal Data from

If your personal data is published on, and you would like us to remove it permanently, please complete the form.

You may only complete the form on behalf of yourself or members of your immediate family. Requests to remove any other people will not be carried out.

You will need to supply a valid email address that you control. We will email you a confirmation of your removal request, which will have a confirmation link in it. Your removal will not be processed until this link has been clicked. You may add up to five further inhabitants of the same address. If you would like to remove more people than that you will have to complete a further form.

We effect removals by way of a suppression file, to which your name and postcode are added. This prevents your details from being published on, and ensures that if in future we receive new data files from suppliers that include those details, they will be automatically prevented from being displayed. Removals are usually effected within 24 hours.

If for any reason you do not know the full postcode of the record that you wish to remove, please email us at [email protected] with all the information that you have about the record that you would like us to remove.

If you have been registered at any other addresses, an online removal form needs to be completed for each name and address you wish to remove.

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