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Sorry, we have no records of residential addresses within this postcode.

Pizza Hut - Restaurant - Pizza

17-27, Orford Place, Norwich, Norfolk, NR1 3QA
Telephone: 01603 760121

Wox Noodle Bar - Take Away Meal Outlets

33, Orford Place, Norwich, Norfolk, NR1 3QA
Business photo

Hot Chip - Take Away Meal Outlets

29, Orford Place, Norwich, Norfolk, NR1 3QA
Business photo
Area Profile Data

Area: NR1 3QA
Area Type: Comfortable Mixed Tenure Neighbourhoods

These areas predominantly constitute homeowners in lower quality smaller detached and semi-detached properties or flats. They are dominated by couples and singles with some retired elements and family groups. They typically populate rural neighbourhoods, small towns and suburbs and are in most cases employed in white collar and manual trades. However we do see an incidence of individuals rising up the professional ladder. Levels of investment and credit risk are both lower than average.