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Top FAQs

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  • expandHow can I contact you?
  • expandIf I register what do I see/get?
  • expandWhich databases are free to search?
  • expandHow many credits do I need to search?
  • expandMy property price is wrong. What can I do?
  • expandWhat's new on
  • expandWhat we do

Sign In and Registration

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  • expandDuring sign in I get into a loop
  • expandProblems signing in
  • expand I haven't received my confirmation code
  • expandI forgot which e-mail address I registered with
  • expandHow to change my email address
  • expand How do I retrieve my forgotten password
  • expand How do I change my password?
  • expand How do I cancel my registration?
  • expandHow do I subscribe / unsubscribe from emails?
  • expand Close my account
  • expand I am not receiving emails from
  • expandHow do I change my account settings? Credits

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  • expandIf I register what do I see/get?
  • expand Which databases are free to search?
  • expandHow do I search for free?
  • expand Which databases do I have to buy credits to search?
  • expand What are credits?
  • expand Do credits expire?
  • expand How do I buy credits?
  • expand Is registration free?
  • expandHow many credits do I need to search?
  • expandWhat is Full Access?
  • expandWhat is free and premium data?
  • expand County Court Judgments

See Who's Looking

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  • expandWhat is SWL?
  • expandWhat can people see?
  • expandHow far does it go back?
  • expandCancellation/Refund Policy?

Background Reports

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Payments and Orders

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Removal of Personal Details

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  • expand Can my Electoral Roll record be removed?
  • expand How do I remove a Directory Enquiry listing
  • expand Can my director report be removed or amended?
  • expandCan I see who has searched me?
  • expand How to stop unsolicited mail and calls
  • Removal requests and Search Engine listings
  • expandI've asked you to remove my details but I can still see them on Google and other search engines

Premium Listings

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Amend a Business Listing

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  • expandHow to add your business listing to
  • expandHow do I amend a business listing?

Tools & Guides

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Maps and How to Use Them

  • expandAbout maps

Family Records

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Affiliate Program