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  • What are admission criteria and how they work?
  • What are successful admission areas?
  • What are catchment areas?
  • Am I guaranteed a place at the school if I live inside its (predefined) catchment area?
  • Do all schools have a catchment area?
  • Do catchment areas change?
  • What is the difference between catchment areas and cut-off distances?
  • What is a faith school?
  • Why don't you show the SAA for faith schools?
  • Nearest school criteria
  • What does 'oversubscribed' mean?
  • What does 'not oversubscribed' mean?
  • What is the published admission number (PAN)?

General questions

  • Where does the data come from?
  • How accurate is the data?
  • Community schools
  • Foundation and trust schools
  • Voluntary aided schools
  • Voluntary controlled schools
  • Academy schools and Free Schools
  • Independent schools

Scottish schools

  • Scottish school performance data
  • Positive leaver destinations
  • Attainment in literacy and numeracy