The Hyde

Phil Spencer's Property Report
Phil Spencer's Property Report

Research is absolutely key to all successful property purchases and I should know because over the last twenty odd years I have been involved in hundreds of property transactions.

Being armed with the right information can help you with every aspect of the purchase. It can help you refine where you want to live, arm you with the figures to support strong negotiation and even help you avoid costly mistakes and abortive costs.

Get one of my comprehensive property reports on any of the homes listed below.

Residents and Property Prices

Address Last sold Price Occupier info
9th Floor, Hyde House, The Hyde, The Hyde, London, NW9 6LQ View Details


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Businesses in NW9 6LQ


Contact Agencies (leeds) Limited - Paper and Cardboard Manufacturers

Hyde House, The Hyde, London, NW9 6LQ
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Andor Information Technology Limited - IT Consultants

9th Floor, Hyde House, The Hyde, NW9 6LQ
T: 020 8099 7299
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Hudson Wright Associates Limited - Marketing Consultants

9th Floor Hyde House The Hyde, London, NW9 6LQ
T: 020 3701 6770
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Amanda Court Limited

C/o Gates Fredman & Co, 9th Floor, Hyde House, NW9 6LQ
T: 020 7376 3754
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Performance Systems Limited - Computer Repair and Maintenance Services

Gates Freedman & Co, 9th Floor, Hyde House, NW9 6LQ
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Cleantrace Limited - Dry Cleaners

The Hyde, Ninth Floor Hyde House, London, NW9 6LQ
T: 020 7486 6883
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Ashby Graphics Limited

9th Floor, Hyde House, The Hyde, London, NW9 6LQ
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Demographic Area Profile - CAMEO Summary

Area: NW9 6LQ
Area Type: Less Affluent Singles & Students In Urban Areas

Characterised by privately rented and mortgaged accommodation, these areas comprise smaller than average terraced properties and converted flats. Densely populated and found within cosmopolitan inner cities and areas on the outskirts of major towns, these are mainly young neighbourhoods comprising couples and singles. Many are students or those on the lower rungs of the career ladder, employed in a mix of professional, white collar and manual occupations. They are credit hungry and we start to see evidence of poor payment histories increasing their credit risk.