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192.com instrumental in Rock and Roll reunion

‘Have I the right’ pop star rekindles friendship after 50 years  

Ending half a century apart, 192.com reunited Martin Murray, rhythm guitarist in 60’s hit group The Honeycombs, with an old friend, Neville Bird.

Band mates in The Black Revels, Martin and Neville hadn’t seen each other for 50 years. They reunited when Martin contacted 192.com asking for help looking for old friends.

A quick search on 192.com’s records found Neville within seconds. On October 14, 2011, Neville Bird visited Martin’s house for a reunion witnessed by 192.com and a local photographer. 

“When Neville walked into the room and we embraced I had to hold back tears,  all the memories came flooding through me, all the time and all the years that had passed,” said Martin, who had a number 1 hit with ‘Have I the Right’ in  1964. 

“I remembered the last time I was with Neville, I was a teenager and we were in our back garden, talking and playing songs,” Martin added.

Neville, who had driven from Harlow to see Martin in East Finchley, said: “I was 22 then and I’m 72 now, but when we talked it was like yesterday since we saw each other. We spent and hour and half together reminiscing, it was really enjoyable.”

“I would have recognised Neville in the street,” said Martin. “His hair used to be blonder but his whole being seemed to be exactly the same.”

“I would love to go through the whole meeting again, and thank you 192.com for reuniting us.”

Dominic Blackburn, Product Director of 192.com said, “It’s unusual to learn of a reunion before it happens, so it was a privilege to witness the first meeting between Martin and Neville after such a long time.”

Martin is confident he has since found other friends from his past, and hopes Neville will make a guest appearance on stage with him when he performs with The Honeycombs. “There will always be a spare guitar for Neville,” Martin said.

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Rock and Roll reunion
192.com instrumental in Rock and Roll reunion