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Finding a long lost brother-in-law

Brian, 75, from Rugby used 192.com to find his brother-in-law, Robert estranged from his family for over 30 years.

Brian acted after his wife, and Robert's daughters asked Brian to find Robert.

"I found Robert very quickly on 192.com, said Brian. "Luckily there was only three people with his name on the site and I was able to ring him up."

"Thank you 192.com for this reunion, he was thrilled to hear from us and my wife and I went to see him three weeks ago."

Through a family dispute, and through Brian moving home several times, Bob slowly drifted apart from his family, which included his daughter Tracy who lives in Sydney, Australia.

"I contacted my daughter in Melbourne who knows Tracy. My daughter told Tracy the good news who was delighted to learn that we had found her Dad." Brian said.

Thanks to Brian's detective work, Robert has reunited with his sister Janet, in Somerset, who hadn't seen Robert since the 1980s. Janet was delighted to see him.

Dominic Blackburn, Product Director of 192.com said: "With over 40 million people on 192.com, the site gives you a great chance of finding missing family. We are delighted to have helped Brian find Robert."

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