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Christmas with my Sister

Lynsey contacted 192.com to tell us she used the 192.com database to find her missing half-sister, who she last saw when she was 10.

The girls grew up in Northern Ireland. They share the same father but have different mothers.

Consequently the pair found it very difficult to stay in touch - particularly when Lynsey left Northern Ireland, living for a time in the USA before returning to England.

The girls lost touch completely when Lynsey was 10, and Lynsey spent years looking for her sister.

Then, last year, Lynsey stumbled across 192.com on Google, and within a few clicks had found Vicky. Together with other public resources, 192.com aggregates data from the edited electoral roll, the telephone directory, and the Land Registry. Once Lynsey had found 192.com she had dramatically improved her chances of a positive search.

Lynsey wrote to 192.com to express her gratitude, and the highlights of her letter are below:

"In July last year, 192.com helped me to find my half sister. Prior to using 192.com, I had been looking for Vicky for years.

"I spend £100's on all kinds of search engines with no helpful results. I even called the Police every few months to see if they had any record of her but this was to no avail.

"One day last summer I was browsing the World Wide Web and I saw 192.com advertised on a search engine. I thought it would be worth a try so I put in my sister's details and there she was! So simple!

"After more than 10 years of never seeing her and never being able to find her, 192.com did it for me in seconds! I called her straight away and immediately booked flights over to Ireland to see her. 192.com helped me find my sister and now my son will grow up knowing his Auntie. I can't express how grateful I am."

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lynsey reunites for Christmas
Lynsey reunites for Christmas