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A very merry Christmas with 192.com

Nikki was brought up from a very early age by her father while her sister was raised by her mother. Nikki spent a very small amount of time with her mum and sister when she was about six years old but soon after contact stopped when communication broke down between her parents. As a result, she had very few memories of them.

She never felt that she wanted to find her family while she was growing up but upon reaching the age twenty-seventh with a partner and a son she decided that it was the right time to try and find them.

Nikki didn’t know where to start but her partner’s step mum had used 192.com for finding people before and recommended it to her. She started by searching for her sister’s full name on the electoral roll without a location because she had no idea where she lived, her date of birth or even if her surname would be the same. From that one search, the site returned two results listed in the area they used to live.

Nikki decided to call the first number and to her absolute surprise it was her long lost sister! So after twenty years, one phone call and she was speaking to her sister! Her sister then passed her number on to her mother who called Nikki straight away and it was like they had never been apart.

Her mum was so glad to find out that Nikki was safe and well that they arranged to meet everyone that weekend (about three days after the phone call) where she was reunited with her sister and met her two nephews for the first time. Nikki also found out that she had a half sister and brother, another niece and incredibly that her nan was still alive after having MS for more than forty years.

When talking about the reunion, Nikki says "192.com made finding my long lost family very easy. I am not on any social networking sites and surprisingly neither were my sister or mum, so we would never have found each other that way. I am still shocked how easy it was using 192.com site and can only thank them for the service provided".

Nikki will be spending her first Christmas reunited with the other side of her family this year.

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Merry Christmas Sis!
Merry Christmas Sis!