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Reunited with my old Best Friend

It all started in 1986 after Ajmar lost touch with her best friend from school, Julie. The two had been inseparable throughout their school years and in their early adult lives. However, when Ajmar was 27, Julie married and moved away from the local area.

After keeping in touch for a few years they eventually drifted apart. While their busy lives lead them to loose contact, Ajmar always wondered what had happened to Julie and hoped that she was happy.

Then, in 2009, with a grown up family of her own, Ajmar decided it was time that she tried to find her old friend. She started by writing to her old address in the hope that her letters might get forwarded on, but she had no luck. Then she tried calling the old number she had for Julie but nobody knew of her whereabouts.

One day, Ajmar decided to call Julie’s old phone number just one more time. A gentleman answered and suggested she try 192.com. 192.com is the UK’s leading people finding website searching directory enquiries, current and historical Electoral Rolls, Director reports and the birth, marriage and death register.

Ajmar went to 192.com and quickly found her old friend on the edited Electoral Register; "I could not believe what I was looking at, she was there, clear as day!"

While Ajmar had Julie’s full address, her phone number wasn’t listed. But because 192.com also includes neighbours’ details, Ajmar was instantly able to see if there was a phone number available for the house next door. Fortunately there was, so she was able to call Julie’s neighbour and ask if he wouldn’t mind passing on a message and her mobile number. Minutes later Ajmar received a text message simply saying "Is that really you Ajmar?"

Ajmar and Julie have finally met up for the first time in two decades. Ajmar says of the reunion, "It’s so amazing to have found each other again. It’s like I’ve got a sister back and I can’t thank 192.com enough."

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Ajmar and Julie
Ajmar and Julie