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Scotland ruined my World Cup

6th of June, 2010

192.com urges caution ahead of online Christmas shopping bonanza

A man missed the 1966 World Cup final by being stuck in a car journey to Scotland with a faulty radio and a football-hating girlfriend.

Speaking to 192.com, Richard Mortlock, 63 said: "This was before the days of car radios so I put a portable on the back seat for the journey. Whenever we changed direction, the reception cut out. I heard snatches of commentary but I didn't know the score. It was agonising."

When Mr Mortlock arrived in Scotland the locals denied all knowledge of England's 4-2 victory over West Germany. It wasn't until a day later, that, Richard, then 19, learnt of the result in the paper.

"It's a tragedy and I've never seen the full game" said Richard, who has since split up with Maggie, the girl who shared the fateful trip.

"That journey probably contributed to our break-up. Maggie and I are still friends after 40 years but I've never been back to Scotland."

"It didn't occur to me that England might reach the final. I wanted to postpone the trip or at least find somewhere to watch the game but Maggie told me in no uncertain terms that we would proceed to Scotland as planned."

Richard's World Cup heartbreak surfaced as the people-finding website, 192.com reunites the fans of 1966.

In a campaign led by 1966 hero George Cohen MBE, fans were asked to post their World Cup memories on the 192.com's website.

"When we saw Mr Mortlock's post, we weren't sure whether to laugh or cry", said Dominic Blackburn, Product Director of 192.com.

"We're really grateful to receive such fantastic World Cup memories. We now want the 1966 fans to get back together and scream England to victory in this year's World Cup - the best reunion wins all the festivities on us."

Richard also shared photographs of him in 1966 standing on the bridge in his village near Bury St Edmunds before the disastrous journey north, and an image of him today, standing on the same bridge with the radio which failed him 44 years ago.

Richard also sent in a picture of Maggie in 1966, standing by the car which became his hellish World Cup prison.

Commenting on the people-finding website's World Cup Campaign George Cohen, MBE said: "Winning a World Cup is tough - mentally and physically, but it helped to know the country were behind us, so get together with 192.com for World Cup victory."


192.com is the UK's most awarded online directory, helping find people, businesses and places for four million users every month. On 192.com, users can search over 700 million records including free directory enquiries, edited electoral roll information, local business listings, interactive mapping, aerial photography and property reports.

Get ready to roar!

192.com and George Cohen MBE are urging friends and family who remember England's 1966 World Cup victory to get back together and roar the lads to victory in 2010. The best '66 reunion wins a meal on 192.com watching a World Cup game. Learn more and share great World Cup moments at http://worldcup.192.com

George Cohen MBE

George Cohen won 37 caps for England, vice captaining the side in the 1966 final. Described by Alf Ramsay as 'England's greatest right back,' Cohen's forward runs gave Ramsay's side width, and set up England's decisive goal against Portugal in the semi-finals. His major contribution in the final was blocking the last minute free kick from Lothar Emmerich. Cohen is the only Fulham player to have won a World Cup while at the Cottagers. Cohen received an MBE in 2000.

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