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192.com launches first online/offline business directory

December 11, 2006

Merging traditional business directories with the entire UK web

192.com, the UK's most powerful people, business and place finder, has launched a unique new business dataset that has been sourced from the entire UK Internet. Through the use of innovative spider technology, 192.com has extracted important information from UK business websites and is now delivering it freely in its new 'Web Data' format.

192.com has further expanded the breadth and depth of relevant information that can be returned with a single local search. The Web Data has brought in important extra content on existing listings such as opening hours, mobile numbers, and web and email addresses. It has also added in hundreds of thousands more businesses that were not previously listed across any of its three other directories.

"Search engines like Google have become too vast and are manipulated by big business, loosing sight of their original purpose. We're providing the UK public with a unique alternative by structuring web search results in a consistent, user-friendly format by actual location. The result is a truly local search engine," commented Keith Marsden, managing director, 192.com.

He explained how Web Data works: "Our spider searches every web page in the UK every three weeks, looking for specific data on each page such as opening times, email addresses and who the owner of the business is. This data becomes useful when it's linked to the existing, offline records about the company behind the website. We're effectively cataloging the Internet around UK businesses, so that users will find the right business or service every time."

192.com does not organise the data by the size of website, like search engines do, but rather by relevance, so that the business you are looking for, and important factual information about it, is displayed before listings sites. "Our aim was to organise online and offline together in a way that would be most useful for locating businesses - and initial feedback from users is that we've succeeded. And with development already underway to incorporate formal review sites and comments from the blogosphere we plan to go a lot further ," concluded Marsden.

About 192.com

192.com is the de facto standard search engine for finding people, business and places in the UK. Established in 1997 by Alastair Crawford, founder of UK-Info Disk and Passado.com, the multi-award winning 192.com has over five million registered users accessing unequalled breath and depth of data.

192.com searches over 630 million records including free directory enquiries, local business listings, interactive mapping, aerial photography and property reports. Premium records include current and historical electoral rolls; the birth, deaths and marriages register; 1861 census data; and company and director reports.

192.com Business Services, the corporate arm of 192.com, delivers online identity verification and tracing solutions to over one million desktops across retail, gaming, finance and the public sector.

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