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10th of November, 2015

Millions of Christmas Cards are sent to the wrong addresses.

192.com discovers disappearing Christmas cheer

  • Millions of Christmas cards are sent to the wrong address
  • Christmas Eve considered too late to receive a Christmas card
  • Cards from long lost friends preferred to cards from family
  • Last day for Christmas post is 19th December for 2nd class and 2nd for 1st Class

Leading online directory and address-finding experts 192.com have uncovered widespread disappearing Christmas card disappointment, with millions of cards sent to the wrong address, or sent too late.

A survey conducted by 192.com found that 30% of households said they receive Christmas cards addressed to previous occupants; meaning as many as 8 million cards don't arrive with the intended recipient. The poll also found that only 3% of us want to receive cards on Christmas Eve, with 71% preferring a Christmas card by mid-December, giving people a chance to send one in return if they haven't already done so.

Dominic Blackburn, Product Director of 192.com commented; "Cards sent to the wrong place or at the wrong time amounts to a lot of missing Christmas cheer. Make sure your card arrives at the right address: especially if you don't have their current address or postcode, 192.com searches hundreds of millions of name and address records, helping users verify addresses they already have for friends and family and to find updated addresses if friends have moved on."

The survey also found that most prefer receiving Christmas cards from friends they've lost touch with rather than from their family or partners. The poll revealed that just 3% preferred receiving a Christmas card from their parents. Forty three per cent instead most wanted a card from a missing friend; compared to one in ten preferring a card from a friend they're already in touch with. Twenty two percent most preferred a card from a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Asked what is stopping them sending a Christmas card to a friend they've lost touch with, 28% said they couldn't find their address, and 7% said ringing directory enquiries is too expensive.

"A lot of people rely heavily on social media to stay in touch with friends, forgoing traditional cards with digital messages, but our research has shown people would much rather receive a physical card at Christmas as it feels more personal and special," added Blackburn.

When asked what would annoy them most about a Christmas card they have received, 55% of the survey were irked by cards not addressed to them or not including their name. Thirty percent were annoyed if the sender spelt their name wrong. Thirteen percent grumbled if the sender had forgotten they had children, and 8% were bothered if the sender had misspelt their partner's name or muddled their marital status.

192.com can help you avoid the embarrassment of getting details in a card wrong by using the site to check other household occupants and their full names, making sure all the details are correct before sending the card.

When people where asked what they would do when finding the contact details of a missing friend forty eight per cent said they would send them a Christmas card 'out of the blue' as an opportunity to reconnect.

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Simon Kelman, PR Executive, 192.com, 0207 909 2151

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