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Close up London

January 24, 2008

192.com launches highest resolution aerial photography of the Capital to date

192.com has launched the most detailed aerial photographs of London currently available on the internet. The amazing new 'super zoom' detail is a first in aerial photography – the equivalent of looking down from a ten story window – and offers the ultimate bird's eye view of the capital.

This new addition to 192.com's award winning maps service allows users to see a snap shot of London, from the colour of clothing worn by tourists in Trafalgar Square to the eerie shadows they – and the famous statues – cast over one of the world's most famous urban spaces. Many of the Capital's iconic sights can be seen in a new perspective, from the London Eye to the Thames Barrier. A bustling Brick Lane contrasts with sedate Mayfair Squares; visitors feed the animals at London Zoo while the Capital's in–crowd take a stroll on nearby Primrose Hill. Or you can simply just get the best view ever of your neighbour's backyard.

192.com's Super Zoom covers an area of 280 square miles of London, from the eastern side of Hyde Park to the Queen Elizabeth Bridge in the East, and from Stoke Newington in the North to Crystal Palace in the South. Diagonally, the area extends from Parliament Hill to Dartford and Tooting Broadway to Upminster. Unfortunately, West London is unavailable due to flight restrictions around Heathrow Airport.

The image quality is three times better than Google Maps and Microsoft Live Maps and streets ahead of Multimap. For an average screen resolution, 192.com's Super Zoom shows 1.5 metres on the ground for every 1cm on your computer screen. This is in addition to the existing 12.5cm resolution aerial photography on 192.com Maps for the entire UK – the best quality available anywhere on the Internet.

This new super zoom level on 192.com is available directly through its maps section as well as in its business and residential listings, making it the best place to find people and businesses and see exactly where they are located.

"We now have a clear lead on all other mapping websites in the UK such as Google, MSN and Multimap, giving our maps clearer detail and far better quality. All this has been achieved only a little over a year after launch of our mapping service. This is another demonstration of 192.com's commitment to bring specific and detailed local information to as many people as possible in the UK", comments Dominic Blackburn, technology director, 192.com. "We are setting out to make our maps even better over the next few months with further dramatic improvements planned."

About 192.com

192.com is UK's leading people and business finder. Consistently ranked among the top most useful websites, it is now evolving into a new dimension with the best UK maps. With its local focus and passionate developers, 192.com is determined to remain number one in the UK mapping space.

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