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England fans would quit sex to win the World Cup

9th of June, 2010

Brits reveal what they'd sacrifice for World Cup glory as 192.com reunites 1966 fans

  • 18% opt for bonk-ban
  • 44% would quit chocolate
  • 22% are prepared to ditch alcohol
  • Millions of Brits plan to skip work to watch football

A survey by the people-finding website 192.com found that England fans would deny themselves sex, chocolate and booze for England to triumph in South Africa.

Sixteen-percent of respondents plan to call in sick to watch the World Cup. When this figure is extrapolated against the working population, this means 4 million British workers could go missing during the upcoming football bonanza.[*]

The shocking poll illustrates the desperation of 44 years of hurt. It was launched as World Cup hero George Cohen MBE helps 192.com reunite the fans of 1966 for a winning spirit in 2010.

Commenting on 192.com's campaign, the 1966 World Cup legend said: "When you're in a World Cup you know just how much it means to people, so let's re-create a World Cup winning atmosphere with 192.com to cheer the lads to victory."

In accordance with 192.com's wish to make the World Cup a shared experience, respondents were asked who they would prefer to watch World Cup matches with.

Most would rather watch the games alone than with a partner, (22% and 14% respectively). Thirty percent would prefer watching the football with friends and 31% prefer to go footy-mad with the family.

Respondents also named their best ever English full-back and predicted England's progress in the World Cup.

90's hard-man Stuart Pierce topped the full-back's poll with 35% percent of the vote. Second was 192.com spokesman George Cohen with 27.9%. Sharing third place was Gary Neville and Ashley Cole with 15.9 % of the vote.

The majority of the survey, 34% thought England would finish the tournament as semi-finalists. Brazil were tipped to be winners.

Dominic Blackburn, Product Director of 192.com said: "We don't want anyone to skip work but this survey shows how World Cup mania has gripped the nation. We're reuniting the fans of 1966 so tell us about your reunion and the festivities are on us."

To get involved with 192.com's World Cup reunion go to: http://worldcup.192.com


192.com is the UK's most awarded online directory, helping find people, businesses and places for millions of users every month. On 192.com, users can search over 700 million records including free directory enquiries, edited electoral roll information, local business listings, interactive mapping, aerial photography and property reports.

Get ready to roar!

192.com and George Cohen MBE are urging friends and family who remember England's 1966 World Cup victory to get back together and roar the lads to victory in 2010. The best '66 reunion wins a meal on 192.com watching a World Cup game. Learn more and share great World Cup moments at http://worldcup.192.com

George Cohen MBE

George Cohen won 37 caps for England, vice captaining the side in the 1966 final. Described by Alf Ramsay as 'England's greatest right back,' Cohen's forward runs gave Ramsay's side width, and set up England's decisive goal against Portugal in the semi-finals. His major contribution in the final was blocking the last minute free kick from Lothar Emmerich. Cohen is the only Fulham player to have won a World Cup while at the Cottagers. Cohen received an MBE in 2000.


192.com's survey was an online poll taken by 192.com's users.

  1. * Figure based on 16% of the working British adults between the ages of 16 and 59 which according to the Office of National was 27 million in May 2010.

For more information contact the 192.com Press Office.