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8th of June, 2015

'Check Your Date' the online service that is helps singles find their Juliet or Christian Grey.

As another 50 Shades of Grey book hits the shelves, thousands of singles will again be inspired to take the plunge and signing up to an online dating site to look for love.

192.com's Check Your Date service helps protect online daters from a variety of romance frauds. Within seconds, a report can tell you where a person has lived and with whom, provide you with insolvency records and county court judgments and will even reveal unpaid debts while mortality records will expose identities stolen from the deceased.

Dominic Blackburn, product director of 192.com says: "Our Check Your Date service delivers invaluable insights that will lead to smarter, more informed decisions for online daters. It is a tool that ensures the people you are getting in a relationship with are trustworthy and genuine."

With the rise of free dating applications such as Tinder and Happn which only require a social media profile to join have led to a rise in the number of fake profiles and even the profiles which are genuine users could suffer some hidden truths with research conducted by 192.com[1] revealing that 48 per cent of people admitted to having fabricated fundamental aspects of their life, including: their address, age, relationship status, job and financial solvency.

The poll found that one in 10 fake their location, 18% change their age, 28% have not been truthful about their salary or debt, and that one in five had fabricated their online profile completely.

In addition Action Fraud reported that:

  • Fraud hits UK individuals for £9 billion[2]
  • In 2014 the cost of dating fraud was £32 Million[3]
  • National survey finds 45% of have been victims of a con
  • 50% admit to disguising aspects of their personal profile online
  • Romance or 'dating fraud' grew by more than 33% in 2014[4]

One victim of dating fraud Shane 37 from London commented:

"I always thought I was to savvy to fall for an online scam, but when you are looking for romance it is more likely you are going to let your guard down and be more vulnerable. I thought I had met a really nice woman and we seemed to have loads in common, she told me she was going through a rough patch financially and wanted to meet up but couldn't afford to. In retrospect I can see that I was quite foolish but I had looked at her Facebook page and everything seemed legitimate, it was only after I had lent her money I discovered she had stolen the identity of someone else that lives 100 miles away and is married. I wouldn't say I have given up with online dating I will just make sure who I am chatting with is who they say they are and I won't ever give money to someone I don't know again."

Dominic Blackburn added:

"192.com 'Check Your Date' makes people think twice before lying about themselves or lying to others online, we are not stopping people telling little white lies to impress a date or stopping people claiming they actually like olives, Check Your Date is there to prevent serious fraud and encourage a safer online environment. As a company with a history of reuniting people, this service is about reassuring them."

There is some good news if you are looking for your very own Christian Grey, Juliet or even Mr Darcy as 192.com has used their electoral roll data to find how many in people in the UK share their name with literary romantics.

Romantic Figure

  • Christian Grey
  • Anastasia/Ana Steele
  • Marc Antony
  • Cleopatra
  • Guinevere
  • Lancelot
  • Romeo
  • Juliet
  • Mr Darcy

Number of Records on 192.com

  • 20
  • 4
  • 1
  • 120
  • 41
  • 234
  • 313
  • 5279
  • 281

192.com can also reveal there are currently four couples named Romeo and Juliet living together in the UK right now, so don't give up on true romance just yet.

'Check Your Date' is available by visiting 192.com's website.


  1. [1]The survey was conducted by One Poll. The nationally representative sample was of 2000 adults, with responses broken up by age, gender and location.
  2. [2]http://onlinenews.warwickshire.police.uk/wpnews_pressrelease/looking-for-love-online-make-sure-it-is-your-heart-they-want-to-steal-and-not-your-bank-balance/17273
  3. [3]National Fraud Authority's June 2013 Fraud Indicator Report: https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/206552/nfa-annual-fraud-indicator-2013.pdf
  4. [4]Action Fraud stats disclosed to 192.com: There were 3,295 reported cases of dating or romance fraud in 2014, 1,212 cases in 2013, 987 reported in 2012 and 739 reported in 2011.


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