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4th of August, 2011

New Site Heralds the Demise of Traditional Directories

A new online business directory from 192.com will challenge traditional yellow page style directories, and in the opinion of its makers, will signal the end of the paid-for advertising model at the heart of businesses such as Yell and Thomson.

BizBuzz.com is a free directory where businesses can take control of their listing, upload rich descriptions, keywords and logos and regularly update customer offers-at no cost. By contrast, traditional business directories charge businesses to list detailed information.

BizBuzz.com is hosted by the UK's most awarded online directory, 192.com. Business details uploaded to BizBuzz.com will also be searchable on 192.com, connecting SMEs to 8 million unique users a month.

Speaking about the new service, Alastair Crawford, founder of BizBuzz.com said: "When we looked at the business directory market it became clear that both SMEs and consumers are not being served as well as they ought to be.

"Our research shows that many SMEs feel let down by existing directories, and consumers are frustrated. Since traditional directories elicit payment for SME listings, they have to prioritize paid listings over free, with the result that the consumer doesn't always get the best fit for their need and the merchant doesn't get presented the best customer opportunity."

A survey of 500 SMEs[1] found that 70% of businesses are not willing to pay to advertise in online directories. Thirty one percent of those who advertise have no way of knowing how much revenue results from their advert and 40% said a directory sales person had over promised and under delivered.

Seventy percent thought print directories had declined in value, with 1 in 5 also bemoaning the value of traditional paid-for online directories. Respondents to the poll, mainly business owners and managers, expressed a gloomy outlook; with 15% predicting business to shrink in 2012.

"To survive, SMEs will become more web savvy and will increasingly desert the traditional "paid-for" directory ad in favour of smarter promotional strategies," says Crawford.

"BizBuzz.com is aimed at empowering SMEs to market themselves more effectively and for less." He added.

BizBuzz.com is now live. Any business can visit the site today to quickly upload their business details for free. In the future, easy to use tools will be added to the site to help SME's optimise their marketing presence on the internet.

192.com poll

  1. 1.0 192.com survey was conducted online and answered by 512 SMEs.

Alastair Crawford, CEO of 192.com

Alastair Crawford is CEO and founder 192.com Limited. Crawford is an internet entrepreneur who became the first challenger of BT's monopoly of directory enquiries in 1997, becoming the first person to publish the electoral roll on CD ROM and the first to publish a UK directory enquiry site (192.com).

192.com today has over 8 million unique users a month, including the Salvation Army who alone reunite 3,000 families a year using Crawford's service.

For more information contact the 192.com Press Office.