Guidelines for writing a review

We want to hear from you to know how you feel and why you feel that way.

Reviews help give the reader a feel for your experience and the more detail included, the better. Before you post a review you should think about the sorts of information you'd want to hear if you ask someone to recommend a restaurant or a plumber.

  • Would you go back to a restaurant again or use a builder's services again? If so, what made it memorable for you?
  • Did you get what you asked for? Was the meal or service what you expected and was it worth it?
  • Perhaps you found something wrong with the service you used. What was it?
  • The best reviews are based on personal experience. Would you recommend the service or business to friends, family or co-workers?

Give us some facts. What was great? What was bad? What did you expect? Relate your experience based on what made you happy or managed to make you frustrated.

Let's not write a novel. Short succinct sentences will get your message across better than lengthy paragraphs. Don't forget that the best reviews can be read quickly and are usually between 100 and 250 words.


Don't harass, threaten or abuse the businesses. The reviews you provide should be helpful to others and the business owners. We block and reject reviews that are deemed to contain profanity or contain objectionable content. This service is here to help. Don't ruin it for others.

Never post personal information. This includes personal items such as an email address, contact details and credit card numbers.

Don't SPAM business listings with links to adverts, websites and other products.

Don't copy and paste other people's content. Your review is unique to your experience and can be incredibly useful to others.

Do post reviews. This service is for you and we hope you enjoy using it.