Family Records has many tips and information on family tree research. Have a look through our guides below to ensure you have a successful search. Remember that Births and Deaths are listed under the date of registration, Marriages are listed under the date of event. Be aware that ages are not always accurate and spelling mistakes were common, particularly in the 19th century!

Key dates for records in England & Wales

Find out what the key dates are when searching for birth, marriage and death records. This guide provides very useful information about the history of records in England and Wales. Read more


Read our guide Birth Records. This guide also provides useful information about searching for birth records so read to make sure you have a successful search.


Get tips on searching for marriage records. Our Marriage Records guide will give you all the information you need about marriage records and the best ways to search for them.


Read our guide Death Records for information about death records and for tips on searching for them.

Finding Surnames

Read our guide about searching birth, marriage and death records with a certain type of surname. This guide lists the different types of surnames you may see and will help you with finding a record that uses that surname. Read more