Gray's Inn Road

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Residents and Property Prices

Address Last sold Price Occupier info
203, Gray's Inn Road, Holburn, London, WC1X 8UW 02 May 1997 £167,000 View Details
205, Gray's Inn Road, Holburn, London, WC1X 8UW 03 Sep 2003 £302,500 View Details
201, Gray's Inn Road, Holburn, London, WC1X 8UW 12 Feb 1999 £178,750 View Details
207, Gray's Inn Road, Holburn, London, WC1X 8UW 06 Jun 2006 £385,000 View Details


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Businesses in WC1X 8UW

Sorry, we have no records of businesses located within this postcode

Demographic Area Profile - CAMEO Summary

Area: WC1X 8UW
Area Type: Poorer Council Tenants Including Many Single Parents

The residents of this group typically occupy low quality terraces and small flats in cosmopolitan towns and suburbs. The majority rent social housing from the council or through housing associations, although some are struggling to pay a mortgage. Within these neighbourhoods live poorly paid office and manual workers. Educational attainment is very low and unemployment is the highest in the UK. These are generally family and single areas. They are typically credit hungry, striving to make ends meet and are often unable to meet repayments. These individuals more often than not read the tabloid press.