Mandeville Road

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15, Mandeville Road, Northolt, Middlesex, UB5 5HD View Details


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Businesses in UB5 5HD


Goddard's Veterinary Group - Veterinary Activities

15, Mandeville Road, Northolt, Middlesex, UB5 5HD
T: 020 8845 5677
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Mandeville Connect Northolt - General and Convenience Stores

15, Mandeville Road, Northolt, Middlesex, UB5 5HD
T: 020 8845 6825
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Demographic Area Profile - CAMEO Summary

Area: UB5 5HD
Area Type: Affluent Singles & Couples In Exclusive Urban Neighbourhoods

Located in fashionable city and suburban areas, these affluent neighbourhoods are characterised by pre and post-family couples and singles. These residents live in small but expensive flats and terraces which they typically rent or mortgage, although some are wholly owned. Highly qualified, they represent the highest proportion of company directors in the UK. Others are employed in professional and white collar occupations in the service, IT and financial sectors. They frequently use the internet and read the quality press. They are active investors with a lower than average credit risk.