Penge Road, London, SE20 8SU

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Address Occupants Sold Price
Flat 7-8, Harcourt Mansions, Penge Road, Anerley, London, SE20 8SU
£77,000 05/11/1999 View Details
Flat 1-6, Harcourt Mansions, Penge Road, Anerley, London, SE20 8SU
£55,350 28/05/1999 View Details

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Area Profile Data

Area: SE20 8SU
Area Type: Suburban Homeowners In Smaller Private Family Homes

Typically less affluent than the "Affluent Home Owning Couples & Families", these residents live in smaller less expensive semi and detached properties in small towns and pleasant suburbs. We see a mix of couples, singles and families. Typically homes are mortgaged although some are owned outright. Although this group includes directors, the majority are occupied in professional, white and blue collar employment. Car ownership is high as most residents use private transport to travel to work. Typically responsive to mail order, they are quite able to maintain repayments. They read a mix of newspapers.