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  • Person Looking: D. Waller
    Person Missing: G. Griffiths
    Relationship: Cousin

    Reason for separation: D. was adopted and discovered who his mother was. She died in 1989 but he found out that she had a brother. He had also died but had a son G., who D. was keen to locate and who in all probability knew nothing of D. G. was located using 192.com and all is well.

    No. of people reunited: 2+
  • Person Looking: J. Cantle
    Person Missing: M. "Tab" Hunter / M. Cosh
    Relationship: Shipmates

    Reason for separation: J. hadn't seen M. Hunter since he retired from the Navy and had lost touch with M. Cosh after his wedding in 1975-6. The friends have now been reunited using 192.com.

    No. of people reunited: 3
  • Person Looking: R. Parker
    Person Missing: B. Day / B. Day
    Relationship: Friends

    Reason for separation: Los touch many years ago through moving. They first met during the war when the twins came to Dawley as evacuees in 1942 and stayed tuill 1945. They then used to visit for summer holidays. She had not seen them for 28 years and was very keen to get back in touch. Both Barbara and Brenda were found together with their husbands and all is well.

    No. of people reunited: 5
  • Person Looking: J. May
    Persons Missing: School mates from Farnham Girls' and Boys' Grammar Schools and Farnham College.

    Reason for separation: Leaving school, going to University and jobs. J. wanted to organise a reunion, the year before they had managed to track 65 out of the 70 girls and hoped to contact more of their friends. Through 192.com, 6 other friends from the school and college were located.

    No. of people reunited: 7
  • Person Looking: L. Easton
    Person Missing: F. Schot
    Relationship: Father

    Reason for separation: She had always doubted whether her father was her father and not until an old neighbour referred to her father as her step-dad did she finally confront her mother who confirmed it. The last known sighting of him was in Leeds or Hull about 12 years ago. Her father was located, both are delighted and all is well.

    No. of people reunited: 2
  • Person Looking: K. Mitchell
    Persons Missing: Members of his course at Worcester Training College from 1948-50

    K. was trying to locate the last eleven people he had failed to find. Nine of the Eleven were located and reunited through 192.com.

    No. of people reunited: 9
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More Reunited Stories
More Reunited Stories