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  • Person Looking: Mrs S. Riches
    Person Missing: W. Hancock
    Relationship: Godmother to daughter

    Reason for separation: Lost touch in 1974. Wanted to get in contact because her Daughter was getting married and her godmother had not seen her since she was 2 years old. Wanted to surprise her daughter at the wedding. The wedding was set set for October 2000, and Wendy was located in February/March 2000. All is well.

    No. of people reunited: 4
  • Person Looking: B. Laycock
    Person Missing: K. Herrod
    Relationship: Army Friend

    Reason for separation: Were both in R.A.F, stationed at Khormaksar Aden in 1959-61, lost track soon after they were demobbed. B.'s friend would be approx 61-62. Started looking in September 1999, K. was traced easily through UK Info Disk and wrote back in reply February 2000. The friends are now reunited and All is well.

    No. of people reunited: 2
  • Person Looking: A. Foad (on behalf of T. Foad)
    Person Missing: E. J. Riley
    Relationship: Father

    Reason for separation: Adoption, father was serving in the Royal Navy at this time. T. his natural daughter was keen to locate her real father, her husband Andrew Contacted Gill in November 1999, and enclosed adoption papers. Her father was Then traced through 192.com and found. All is now well.

    No. of people reunited: 3
  • Person Looking: N. Diamond
    Person Missing: R. Diamond
    Relationship: Father

    Reason for separation: Lost contact, The son N. contacted Gill in January 1999 And his father was located soon after. All is well.

    No. of people reunited: 2
  • Person Looking: Mrs. P. Higginson (nee Stonier)
    Person Missing: W. Stonier
    Relationship: Uncle

    Reason for separation: Came back to Manchester from Warrenby, nr Redcar, with Mother, only 12 years old, used to live with uncle & aunty for three years. Trying to Trace uncle, who would be about 79 years old. Contacted Gill and found an uncle And two aunts she didn't know she had, located using 192.com in 1999.

    No. of people reunited: 4
  • Person Looking: B. Marshall
    Person Missing: P. Noakes
    Relationship: Fellow Class-mate in Royal Navy

    Reason for separation: trained together for 4 years from 1952 to 1955, then went To join other ships. All but 4 of the 41 were traced for a reunion in Oct. 1998. Peter was particularly recalled and missed. Planned a further reunion in June 2000, wanted to locate Peter for it. He was located easily using 192.com and all is well.

    No. of people reunited: 38
  • Person Looking: Mrs. P Layton
    Person Missing: Evers-Inman
    Relationship: Mother and/or brother

    Reason for separation: Adopted.
    During search for mother, Mrs Layton discovered she had a Step-brother. The brother was located through 192.com and the two were Reunited.

    No. of people reunited: 2
  • Person Looking: S. Yeates
    Person Missing: M. Yeates
    Relationship: Father

    Reason for separation: Parents divorced. Parents split up when S. was 8 Months old in November 1965. His mum took custody and he never saw his Dad again. His mum last heard about him in the late 60's, early 70's when he Was planning to emigrate to Australia. S. wrote to the NHS, and discovered He was registered with a doctor in England or Wales. S. also wrote to all the Yeates in the Australian phone book and at the Australian High Commission, without any luck. He was found in Autumn 2000 through 192.com, all is well.

    No. of people reunited: 2
  • Person Looking: C. A. Desai
    Person Missing: M. Jones
    Relationship: Natural Mother

    Reason for separation: M. Jones too ill to take care of her daughter. She was Adopted.in 1949, and born in 1945. C. had been searching for her birth Mother for three years. After contacting Gill and using 192.com, not only was Her mother found but her brother N. was also located. All is well.

    No. of people reunited: 3
  • Person Looking: E. McCormack
    Person Missing: W. Pilkington
    Relationship: Nephew
    Reason for separation: They both moved house and lost touch. W. would be in his late 40's. Now, At the age of 80 his aunt was very keen to be reunited again with him, as it had been many years since they had met. W. was found living in Lawton through 192.com and all is well.

    No. of people reunited: 2
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More Reunited Stories