What's New On 192.com?

We've redesigned the site from the ground up and we hope you like it! There are 3 main things we've designed the new site to do:

  • Make it even easier to search
  • Make it easy to view all our data
  • Allow you to customise your pages

1 Browse Your Results

192.com now groups your search results to make it even easier for you to find the person or business that you're looking for. You can see these new categories on the left hand side of any 192.com results page.

For example, if you search for a person, we'll group your results by:

  • Likely age
  • Forename
  • Surname
  • Occupations
  • Locations
  • Data sources

If you know a person's likely age, browse these categories to see a much shorter list of results.

If you search for a business, we'll group your results by:

  • Classifications
  • Locations
  • Sources

For example, if you search for "Barclays" in "London", wanting "Barclays Lawyers" not "Barclays Bank", use the classifications to find results for only "Legal Firms" not "Financial Institutions".

Likewise, if you know that the business you're looking for is a small business, browse the lower end Financials groups.

Click the "+" to see the sub categories under any grouping. Click the name of the category itself to refine your search by that filter.

You can see which filters you've applied at anytime at the top of the Refine Search panel. To remove a filter, click the cross next to the filter description.

Find out more about the new 192.com Refine Search function

Browse your Results
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2 Workspace Control

We've got plenty of data to fit into one page on the new 192.com so to make sure we're showing you exactly what you want to see, you've got total control over the layout.

You can also customise the size of each of the three key panels on the site but dragging the arrow between the Search Within, Results & Maps sections. For example you may want to increase the size of the map and reduce the width of the Search Within section.

Control Workspace
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3 Maps on Results Page

New on 192.com is ability to see the list of people or businesses that matched your search criteria highlighted on the map. This makes it even easier to identify the person or business you are looking for. For example, you may know that a person definitely lives in the midlands. Or you may be looking for a business that is located on the high street or close to the tube.

You can also use the Locations grouping on the Refine Search panel to filter by any area in the UK, from country level right down to postcode.

Map on Results Page
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4 Search From Every Page

You can now search all of 192.com from any page of the site. You can choose to Search All (the entire 192.com) or select a particular section that you are interested in including:

  • People
  • Businesses
  • Places
  • Property Prices
  • Electoral Roll
  • Directors
  • Family Records
  • Company Credit Reports

Use this form to re-search at any time. Once you've found the person or business that you're looking for, use this form to discover some of the other interesting sections of the site such as Company Credit Reports, Places or Family Records.

Search Form on Every Page
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5 Company Credit Reports

On the new 192.com, you can now access Company Credit Reports for the 2.3 million businesses listed that file accounts. You can access a company's credit report directly from any business search on 192.com or search for a business through our new company credit reports portal.

192.com Company Credit Reports allow you to review the trading history, growth rates and pattern of business of any company that you're doing business with. These detailed reports include:

  • Credit risk score and recommended credit limit
  • Details of previous county court judgments (CCJs)
  • Up to 5 years worth of profit & loss statements and balance sheets
  • Cash flow ratios
  • Growth rates & industry comparison data
  • Ownership & group structure
  • Directors & advisors
  • Statutory information & filing history

You can also setup a free monitoring alert on as many businesses as you like. This means that you'll be alerted via email if the status of any company you nominate changes. Why not setup a watch for all your key clients and suppliers today?

Accessing Company Credit Reports
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6 New Visual Cues

We've also redesigned the details pages so that you can skim information faster. For example, visual timelines allow you to quickly see when people have lived at an address or when they purchased a property.

New Visual Cues
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7 No More Advertising!

For premium users of 192.com you'll also notice that we've removed all advertising on the site. Just another way to make your experience more enjoyable with 192.com.

No More Advertising
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