The Guide to Finding the Perfect Landlord or Tenant

Are you looking for somewhere to rent or are you a landlord looking for the right tenant for your property? If so carrying out a few simple checks will give you some peace of mind when making the decision.

Whether you are a tenant or a landlord, the decision to rent a flat out can be an expensive one and a big commitment. Even though the majority of potential landlords and tenants are honest, would always advise you to do your own checks with an independent, cost effective source such as

By giving you access to some of the identity verification and tracing tools that are usually restricted to large estate agents and letting companies, has put together a few simple tips that can help you to make a more informed decision. You just need to know how to use them!

If you’re a tenant:

1. Find an Estate Agent – Use the free business listings on to find an estate agent in the local area along with the full contact details.

2. Check out the area – allows you to check out an area before you visit it with detailed aerial photography of the property and the surrounding streets and parks. You can also see local shop front photos to help you see what else is near your prospective new home.

3. Verify your landlords details – Private rentals are an increasingly popular option but before you commit to a private rental use to see where your landlord lives, who with and how long he’s lived there to give a sense of their stability and the value of his or her property.

4. Check out your estate agents – Give yourself an idea of the agent you are dealing with by looking at shop front photos and check out full contact details on the free business listing. You can even see web references to see if anyone has written about the agent on the web.

5. Can you negotiate? – On you can see if anyone has lived at the property recently and if not then the landlord may be keen to get tenants and and could be open to negotiating on price.

6. Look for local business – Once you have found the right place and have decided to take the plunge check out the free business listings to see what businesses/services are in the local area.

If you’re a landlord:

1. Find a letting agent – Using you can check the free local business listings to find a local letting agent to help you let your property and to advise rental levels. In the search results you can also view web links to local agents to allow you to get some idea of rentals of similar properties.

2. Look up your tenant’s details – You can save money on general Directory Enquiries by using the free searches on to look up your tenant&rsquos; details.

3. Where have your tenant’s lived? – You can check on your potential tenant’s recent residential history using the Edited Electoral Roll on This will show up to seven years of residential history including where they lived, who with and for how long.

4. Check out you business Tenants – Using landlords can even make sure that businesses looking to rent out flats are financially secure by paying to see Company and Director reports and even Company Credit reports.

5. Get a job done – Whether it’s a local carpenter, locksmith or a plumber you can use’s free online business listings to find the right tradesman for the job.

6. Get good advice – Find local lawyers who may be able to help draw up rental agreements and take deposits into escrow if you are renting your property out privately.

7. Are you getting the best price? – Check house pricing and apply typical rental yields to understand potential rentals if renting privately.

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Don’t leave anything to chance if there is something you are unsure about then check it out. A quick search of directory enquiries on – whether it’s a residential or a business listing – will give you instant peace of mind.

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