The new Refine Search function

The new Refine Search function on makes it even easier to find the person or business you’re looking for. Exclusive to, it gives you the power of a professional people tracing tool in an easy to use panel. searches almost 700 million records, that’s 45 times the BT phonebook online! Giving you access to this amount of information is incredibly powerful and means we list more people and businesses than any other site. It also means that has much more information on any person or business that you find. However, sometimes the incredible number of listings means you have a lot of results returned for each search, particularly if you’re searching without specifying a location. To help you pinpoint the person or business you’re looking for, we group your results automatically and allow you to browse your results down the left hand side of the page.

People & Business Categories

Whenever you do a search on, your results will automatically be grouped into a number of key categories.

If you’re searching for a person, these categories include:

  • Various versions of Forename (e.g. John, Jonathan, Jon)
  • Various versions of Surname (e.g. Smith, Smith-Robinson)
  • Age Range (e.g. 35-39)
  • Occupation (if that person is listed in our Director Reports)

Your people search results will also be grouped by data source including:

  • Directory Enquiries
  • Director Reports
  • Electoral Rolls

You also have direct links to our Family Records section which searches the Birth, Marriage and Death register from 1837 to 2005.

If you’re searching for a business, your results will be automatically grouped by:

  • Classification / Business Type
  • Data source
Data source groups

Using the Location Filter

All search results, whether they are for people or businesses are grouped by seven levels of location. This means that if you are unsure of where a person or business is located in the UK, you can search by Name only without having to specify a location and then refine your results by country, region, city, suburb, outcode/start of postcode, and finally full postcode until you find the person or business that you’re looking for.

Filter by location
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Applying Filters

Whenever you do a search on, your results will be automatically grouped in the Refine Search section. If you cannot find who or what you’re looking for by simply reviewing the list of results in the middle of the page, why not use the Refine Search facility?

Refine search

Resizing the panel

You can start by increasing the width of the panel by clicking and dragging the border with the two arrows to the correct width.

Resizing the panel

Expanding a category

To select a category that you’re interested, click the plus sign next to the relevant group and will expand all the options contained under that category.

Expanding a category

Selecting a sub-category

If you see a sub-category that looks like the filter you want to apply (e.g. Age 30-34 or Forename "Jonathan") then click on the name of the filter. This will apply that filter to your results and will only show people or businesses that meet the criteria in the middle panel.

Selecting a sub-category

Adding multiple filters

You can continue to add as many additional filters as you like by browsing the categories and sub categories and clicking on the filter itself each time. For example, you may want to add an Age Range filter plus a Location filter.

Adding multiple filters

De-selecting a sub-category

To remove a filter at any time, you can click the name of the filter again or click the cross next to the filter at the top of the Refine Search panel.

The new and exclusive Refine Search tool on helps you find who or what you’re looking for in seconds! Try it out now to see how it will make you an expert at finding people and businesses.

De-selecting a sub-category
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